Android Wear App Due For Update That Brings Screenshot Function And Material Design UI

AH Android Wear App 1

If you use an Android Wear smartwatch, then you already know about the Android Wear companion app that needs to be installed on the device you want to connect the watch to. It’s kind of a hub where you can see the list of installed Android Wear apps, as well as manage any other existing wearables or new wearables that are already connected to your phone or that you plan on connecting. You can even use the app to browse suggested Android Wear compatible apps by hitting a button that takes you to the Play Store and lists off applications that have Android Wear support. The application has decent functionality for what it’s supposed to provide and you certainly need it if you’re going to connect up a smartwatch running the Android Wear OS. The UI design however has always felt a little bit lackluster, which is something that the latest update to the app will change.

Thanks to some leaked information from Phandroid, we know that the Android Wear app update will bring in some visual changes that are for lack of a better description, sorely needed. When the new update drops the app will look a lot more Material Design inspired and take it’s design queues from Android 5.0 Lollipop. New design and style isn’t the only thing that comes along with the app update though, there will also be a few new features and functions that you can use the app for too. The most notable being the capability to take screenshots of your connected Android Wear device.

As it stands right now, taking screenshots of your Moto 360, Gear Live, G Watch R or any other Android Wear smartwatch requires a more difficult and tedious process. It isn’t simple like it is when you take screenshots of your Android smartphone or tablet, that will be changing though and is just a matter of time before we can do this with the tap of a button. There is now also an option to “forget a wear device” which will certainly make pairing and re-pairing a little more convenient. In addition to these things the overflow menu now also includes the disconnect function, and is also where you’ll find the option to take screenshots, report bugs etc. The update hasn’t been given a release date yet, and there is no download available that we know of, but it will likely be coming alongside a new update to the Google Play Services app, which will be required for the update to the Android Wear app.