Android One Not Selling So Well; Marketing Issues and Competition to Blame

micromax canvas a1 android one logo

Google has introduced three new Android One devices back in September, Karbonn Sparkle V, Spice Dream Uno Mi-498 and Micromax Canvas A1. What is Android One program? Well, that is Google’s plan to saturate the low and mid-range market with cheap phones even though Google is not the one providing the hardware. Google is here to take care of the software though, Android One devices are running stock version of Android and that is one huge plus for these handsets. The Mountain View tech giant hand-picked India and its manufacturers for the initial launch of Android One program and 3 handsets included which I’ve already mentioned. It seems like sales aren’t going as well as Google have hoped for though.

In the last two weeks of September, only 230,000 Android One handsets were imported into India, which are definitely not good news considering India is second biggest market in the world. This is not even the worst data we have for you today, Economic Times (India Times) reports that only 200,000 devices were imported in October, this data is provided by a local marketing firm Cybex Exim Solutions. 8 million devices shipped into India in October, which means only 2% of were Android One handsets. It seems like Motorola and especially Xiaomi are making it difficult for Android One OEMs to sell more Android One handsets. Motorola’s devices are selling rather well and Xiaomi is selling tons of their Redmi 1S devices as part of “Flash Sales” via Flipkart. The company actually sold over 100,000 units within a minute on several occasions already, which is just a staggering information.

Google is still optimistic though, company’s spokesperson said Android One devices are enjoying significant interest from the consumers in India. Research Analyst Tarun Pathak thinks that Android One wasn’t properly marketed in India and that consumers are unaware of Android One program or its appeal. There is, of course, still time to change all this. This is by no means an end of the Android One program, Google will just have to figure out a way to market the Android One devices properly in collaboration with its OEMs, of course.