Android Lollipop Rollout May Have Been Delayed Due To Battery Bug

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As any of you who own a Nexus device are well aware, the Android 5.0 Lollipop rollout did not happen when it was previously scheduled to. The rollout was supposed to begin on the 3rd of this month, two days ago, and more than likely continue to roll out over the following week or two. Unfortunately something must have gone wrong because said rollout never began and Google has been pretty silent about the topic. This caused rumors to arise that stated the Android Lollipop rollout was being delayed due to bugs that still need to be ironed out. Now we have some evidence this may be the case.

Some people who have installed the Android Lollipop developer preview on their Nexus 5 have taken to the internet with some pretty disturbing information. It looks as though there is a pretty serious bug in the software that is causing peoples devices to randomly wake up when connected to WiFi, an issue that has the potential to cause some serious battery drain issues, and that’s exactly what it has done. Users are reporting anywhere from 60-over 100% of their battery life is being eaten due to this bug, a completely unacceptable bug.

We are willing to bet that this battery/WiFi issue is one of the reasons that Google has put the Android Lollipop rollout on hold for now. And the fact that the battery usage is reporting that the issue is eating over 100% of the battery leads us to believe that there is an even deeper battery issue than we think in Android Lollipop that Google definitely needs to get fixed before they release it to the public. Don’t fret though, as Google has confirmed that they are indeed currently working on a solution to the problem, but this does mean it may be a little while until we see the Android Lollipop update begin its rollout.

It’s times like these that you should be thankful for the way Google performs their system updates. If they had pushed the updates the way that Apple does, we would have a bunch of rightfully, very unhappy Nexus owners. Instead Google does their updates in rollouts, pushing the update out to small groups of users over the course of a week or two, this allows them to catch bugs like this early on and fix them before they affect all of their users. Thank you Google.