Android Headliner: How Having Two Day Battery Life Has Altered My Phone Use Habits

When it comes to smartphones, we all look for different attributes and many of us have different tastes in features. Some people want the biggest screen they can possibly have, others don't care so much about the screen size and want the absolute best processor and camera they can get. For others the most important factor is battery life, and it's quickly becoming an increasingly desirable trait. Having a phone that lasts longer than your average days use is not just a beautiful thing, but it's something that also serves a functional purpose if you use your phone for work. While I have always been someone who has looked for a phone with a decent processor for the capability to handle high-end mobile games, I have found that over the last couple of weeks in my use of the Xperia Z3 my uses with my phone have changed some. Not in a bad way, just differently than I have used previous phones because none of them have had a battery that lasted longer than 7 hours before needing a charge.

Now, i'm not on my phone literally all day. I do take breaks here and there. I am on it a good portion though whether it's checking my social feeds, responding to emails or playing games. I even stream music on occasion. Ever since I've been using the Xperia Z3 though, the claim of a battery that could last two days without a charge(give or take depending on usage of course)has got me snapping more pictures, playing games for longer periods of time, and opting to stream music from All Access through the phone instead of the browser on my desktop. I even use apps that I never use to touch and I play with the brightness at higher levels just to see how long the battery lasts in contrast to the day before. Past the way I use the phone, it's altered other things too. I used to have chargers lined up multiple outlets around the home just in case I needed to plug my phone in. Having the Xperia Z3 now I don't have to worry about that, so it's allowed me to remove many of the chargers I have plugged in and store them away because I simply don't need them, I'm fine with the one single charger I have next to my bed to plug it in when I sleep.

I was always worried about killing my battery with how I use my device before, but that is no longer an issue. With my Nexus 4, I would never even think of turning the brightness up past a certain point(usually around 10%)because I didn't want it to reach half past 4 p.m. and my phone notify me that I need to plug in my device because it's at 14%. With the Xperia Z3 I can turn the brightness up to 60%, use it how I would normally use any of my past devices, and even crank up the use time for my favorite apps and games and not even blink an eye. Because I know that at the end of the day my phone will still have about 25% battery at the very least. I'm not only using my phone more, I enjoy it more because I don't have to worry about it dying on me before I'll get home to plug it in. Now maybe this is something that plenty of people have experienced before and are already aware of the wonders that long lasting battery life can bring. In fact I'm sure many people have sat in the spot I'm sitting now. For me personally though, this is a revelation, and it's a sort of surreal feeling to sit back and watch how something like the battery in the phone can alter the course of how you use it on a large scale.

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