Android Headliner: Experiencing the Meizu MX4 Pro Launch Event


This week, was spent in airplanes, airports and in Beijing, China. Meizu invited me to come to Beijing for their Meizu MX4 Pro launch event which was this past week (Wednesday, November 19th). This was the first launch event I attended outside of the US, and boy do they do things differently over in Asia when launching a new phone. First of all, Meizu held their event at the Beijing National Indoor Stadium which is in Olympic Park. It's a really nice place, and huge. In the front few rows you've got the "VIP's" and then the media. Which they handed us headphones which gave us the english translation of the keynote, which was nice. While the back of the stadium was full of Meizu fans, and there were a lot. Typically fans don't get to come to events like this (only event I've been to where fans were in attendance was HTC's Double Exposure event). So it was quite different.

Their event started with a band doing a couple of songs before the Meizu MX4 Pro was announced. During the keynote they took a few stabs at their competitor, but really went after Apple. It felt like I was sitting in on an Apple presentation with all the stuff they announced. Like mPay, Retina Sound, oh and they even did the "one more thing" as well. But this is China, and Meizu can get away with copying Apple and such. Xiaomi and other Chinese OEMs do this all the time.


Even the hands on was a bit interesting. It was kind of like the sales of Meizu's phones. Where they let batches of people go in and get hands on. And there definitely weren't enough units there to get hands on of the Meizu MX4 Pro. But I did come home with one, so it all worked out. By the way, we'll have a full in-depth review of the Meizu MX4 Pro very soon.

As far as the trip goes, I had no complaints. Meizu did foot the bill, and it was total class here. It did not seem like an event that was being put on by a budget or "cheap" phone company. It seemed more like something Samsung would do. All in all, it was a really interesting experience, to see how product launches are done in China compared to the US or even North America. Definitely different over there.

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