Android Game Of The Week: Obslashin'

Obslashin' is an action game filled with loads of retro feels. Growing up in the Nintendo era, it feels like Obslashin was inspired by a game called Star Tropics, which is part of why I found this game so addicting because I would play Star Tropics for hours as a kid. It was hard to beat, basically damn near unforgiving. Obslashin' is slightly less so, but as you progress through levels you'll notice that more and more enemies descend upon you and it will become more of a challenge to make it through unscathed. As you take down enemies they'll sometimes drop useful items and others they might even drop a boss key, which when used, will allow you to fight a boss on the next room you enter. They can also drop copper, silver, or gold coins which you can save up and use to buy and upgrade to new gear.

The gameplay in Obslashin' is endless, so you can continue going as far as you can and uncover new rooms and dispatch new enemies along the way. Some of the items dropped will also be weapon upgrades. You'll get better swords to slash with and you'll be able to level up too. You'll get stat points you can apply with each level, and you can choose to add a point to either your strength, hp, speed, or defense, all useful stats of course, but choose wisely.

You'll also acquire health pots which you can choose to use manually when you need them, or you can set them to be auto applied whenever your health drops below 25%. This came in handy for a little while when things became a little more hectic at later stages, although you want to be sure to watch your count so as not to blow through them too quickly. With that said, you'll most likely pick more up off of drops, so once you amass a certain amount it won't be easy to use them all automatically. There's also bombs and spells that drop which you can toss out at your foes for massive damage, use these when you like, but my suggestion is to save them for larger groupings of enemies when they can really do some damage and pull you out of a bind. Controls for Obslashin are simple to, as movement is controlled by taps which causes Obslashin' to "slash" in the direction of your finger tap on screen. When you get right down to it, Obslashin' is addicting, fun, and filled with action on top of being simple enough that anyone could become and stay engaged. It's also free. If you feel like giving Obslashin' a try, you can grab the game from the Play Store link here.

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