Android Game Of The Week: Major GUN

November 7, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

First person shooter titles have become fairly common on the Play Store now, and while most will still stand behind the notion that a mobile FPS title couldn’t possibly be near as good as any of them available for consoles and PC, there are some amazing games out there in the FPS genre that probably don’t get the attention they deserve. Major GUN is an FPS that is worth paying attention to, with its unique gameplay control style and “jump right into the action” attitude it’ll be a game you might find hard to put down. Compared to what you might know from most other FPS games, it might seem a tad bare as it harbors no in-depth campaign mode with a compelling story, and no high intensity multiplayer action to sap your time.

What it does have is plenty of shooting baddies with multitudes of different weapons that you can unlock, boosts to help your attack abilities and damage, mission and rank challenges, score leaderboards, and of course, the use of controls through the gyro sensors and accelrometer like you’re actually aiming the gun at your enemies yourself. With Major GUN, there is no virtual D-Pad, just move your screen around like you’re searching for something in the viewfinder of your camera to aim, and tap on the screen to shoot once you have what you need to kill in your sights.

There should now be 17 different guns to use after the recent update that just hit, and all of them have varied levels of powerful attacks and all can be upgraded. There are over 100 different scenery modules to blast your way through and shoot anything that walks,(except for the hostages, don’t shoot the hostages)and there are even bosses to test your skills as a marksman. If you like gun customizations, Major GUN will have plenty of skins for you to personalize your weapons with. The visuals take on a stylized cell shading design like what you’ll find in Borderlands and Borderlands 2, giving Major GUN some eye candy status. Major GUN is free, and if you’re feeling like an FPS kind of weekend check it out in the Play Store for the download.