Android Game News Weekly 11/30/14: Heavenstrike Rivals, Monument Valley, Shadowrun Dragonfall, The Shadow Sun


Square Enix Launches Multiplayer Strategy RPG Heavenstrike RivalsHeavenstrike Rivals

For all of you fans out there of Square Enix titles, they have launched a new strategy RPG for Android called Heavenstrike Rivals that allows you to take on other players in this unique combat system complete with quick-entry PvP battles. The game offers over 230 collectible and fully animated characters, with epic quests, events and weekend arena competitions. Heavenstrike Rivals is free-to-play, so if you like strategy RPG titles and online PvP combat give it a look. You can check out the game at the download link in the Play Store.

Monument Valley Forgotten Shores Hits The Play StoreForgotten Shores

If you own Monument Valley or were thinking about picking up the game, the anticipated release of the expansion called Forgotten Shores is now available through the in-app-purchase to extend gameplay with new levels.  The popular puzzle game of manipulating impossible architecture is definitely one that you don't want to miss. You can check out the original Monument Valley game at the download link in the Play Store.

Shadowrun Dragonfall Due For Android Release This ThursdaydragonfallWall1600x900

Shadowrun Returns is a great turn based RPG title on Android, one that you can sink hours into without a care for how many hours have passed. The sequel to that awesome title from Harebrained Schemes called Shadowrun Dragonfall is due out on Android this week, some time after having been launched on Steam and PC earlier this year.  This isn't an expansion of the original title but another full-blown game with a different setting, so you can expect a brand new storyline and more vast hours of gameplay to delight you. Watch for the launch in a few days if you're eagerly awaiting more Shadowrun fun.


The Shadow Sun Debuts On AndroidThe Shadow Sun

If you like immersive open world RPG's with big storylines and tons of quests, The Shadow Sun is one you'll want to check out. There hasn't been an epic RPG like this on Android since the launch of Ravensword: Shadowlands by Crescent Moon Games. There's over 10 hours of epic fantasy driven gameplay, over 70 unique areas to explore and tons of upgradeable items, gear, and weaponry to assist you in your adventures. The Shadow Sun also features real-time combat, with multiple character types to play and plenty of unique skills and abilities. If you have some time to sink your teeth into an epic adventure, The Shadow Sun is your next game. You can check out at the download link in the Play Store.

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