Android Game News Weekly 11/23/14: Heroes Of Order And Chaos, Final Fantasy, Banner Saga, Need For Speed: No Limits, Kingdom Rush Origins


Heroes Of Order And Chaos To Be Updated With New ContentVideo thumbnail for youtube video Android Game Spotlight: Heroes Of Order And Chaos |

Gameloft is looking to make their MOBA title, Heroes of Order and Chaos a little more competitive. In an upcoming content update they will be adding in a feature that allows players to ban certain hero picks, something that would be much needed if they ever wanted Heroes of Order and Chaos to have more a competitive feel to mobile gamers. There will be a couple new heroes coming along in the update as well, along with penalties for leaving game lobbies, an improved UI and enhancements to the matchmaking experience. You can check out Heroes of Order and Chaos here if you haven't tried it yet.

Square Enix Is Bringing Two More Final Fantasy Games To AndroidFinal Fantasy

While we patiently await the U.S. launch of Final Fantasy Agito for Android along with Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, Square Enix apparently has two other Final Fantasy titles making their way to Android in the near future. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Final Fantasy Legends-Crystal Of Time will be the two games to look for. FF Legends will be more of a turn based JRPG style of gameplay that we're used to from games in this series, while Brave Exvius is said to be a mix of the FF games we know and love, and Brave Frontier, a rather popular RPG on Android currently. There will also be a new app to manage all your Final Fantasy games called Final Fantasy Portal. All three apps are set to release in Japan only at the moment, but nearly every Final Fantasy title released for Android has gotten a western release, and Br ave Frontier is a rather popular game here in the states so Brave Exvius should have a good chance at getting launched here too.

Epic Viking Adventure 'The Banner Saga' Is Now AvailableAH Banner Saga

We talked about The Banner Saga briefly the other day during its launch onto the Play Store, but just in case you missed it this is a strategy type RPG game with some gorgeous hand drawn visuals and plenty of in-depth story and dialogue in between action filled battles. Combat is turn-based strategy, and the game involves decision making on your part which can adversely affect the outcome of the game. Every action and decision has a chance to change the way things happen, giving you seemingly unlimited possibilities and replay value. Along with the player choice driven narrative, there's also over 25 playable characters, which means lots of stories and background to get engaged with. You can check out The Banner Saga for $9.99 by hitting this link.


Need For Speed: No Limits Will Be A New Racer Coming Next YearNeed for Speed No Limits

It looks like there will be a new Need for Speed title coming to Android sometime next year from the same development team behind the last release, Need for Speed Most Wanted. So far there aren't really any specific details on the game, just that it will follow the same general style of gameplay we've seen from past Need for Speed titles, which means plenty of cars, customization and high action races. Although we don't know much about No Limits yet, you can view the trailer below for a sort of sneak peek.

Kingdom Rush: Origins Lands On The Play StoreKingdom Rush Origins

The next installment in the Kingdom Rush series is here and if you've been a fan of the particular TD series of games then you might want to check this one out. You'll find tons of new content included like new troops to disperse, new locations to battle and defend your tower in, and new towers too, which is something one can almost expect in any new TD title. There's also 30 enemy types and 18 new abilities, and nine total heroes that you can pick up. Check out the trailer below for a little more detail on the game, and if you're set on picking it up, you can grab Kingdom Rush: Origins for $2.99 from this link.


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