Android Epic App Battles: TuneIn Radio vs iHeart Radio

November 28, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Ahh the radio. The time lost tradition of sitting down with the family and listening to the nightly talk shows and witty banter of talk radio hosts. Truth be told that probably isn’t something that has happened for years, but nevertheless the radio is still something that many of us probably listen to less and less these days, especially with the rise in streaming music content. There are still plenty of way s to get your radio fix though, and there are some great apps on Android that provide you a great experience. Today’s epic battle will be about radio apps, with two of the most popular ones going head to head. As always we’ll have a poll set up for you all to vote for which radio app you like best. That means you, the readers, decide which radio app deserves to be crowned king and take home the title of best radio app. We’ll go over some of the features of each one, then be sure to vote in the poll on our G+ post.

TuneIn RadioTuneIn

TuneIn Radio lets you listen to real local and national radio stations, whether it be the top 100 hits from today’s popular music or your favorite talk radio shows. TuneIn Radio is a free app although it does offer extras through IAP if you choose to buy them. It’s also touted as the world’s largest collection of radio stations to listen to on your smartphone or tablet with the ability for users to stream over 100,000 real radio stations. You can listen to sports radio too, and follow college football leading all the way up to the playoffs with live play-by-play coverage.

You can use TuneIn to listen to exclusive 24/7 stations from top podcasts and artists, as well as find and follow genres, podcasts, sports teams, artists and much more. You can also make TuneIn more social and share what you’re listening to with your friends just in case you want them to listen to it too. TuneIn makes it easy to discover new stations and stuff to listen to, there are some really great new design tweaks with the latest update, bringing an Android 5.0 Lollipop style look with minor Material Design elements throughout the app. It also now supports Android TV for those of you that have an Android TV device.

iHeart RadioiHeart

iHeart Radio features thousands of radio stations from across the country just like TuneIn, although they don’t explicitly state exactly how many so it’s difficult to know exactly who has more. They do however state that users will have access to over 18 million songs and 400,000 artists through the stations that they have listed, and that’s a whole lot of music and radio to stream whenever you want. You’ll find iHeart radio has just about everything, from today’s top hits to plenty of news and talk radio shows for a little more easy listening.

It also now features a little more personalization, giving users recommendations tailored to their likes and dislikes so you can listen to the stuff you enjoy more often. You can also “favorite” stations, so finding the stuff you like to listen to the most is always easy to find and never more than a tap or two away. You also might find the on-demand access to radio in news, sports, entertainment, comedy and others to your liking. iHeart Radio also has Android Wear support so you can control what you’re listening to from your wrist nice and quick when you aren’t able to pull your phone out of your pocket. iHeart Radio is also free, and who can argue with that?

So, who deserves to be the champion among these two awesome radio apps? Both seem to offer some really great features and thousands of radio stations to listen to, and both are available for free. TuneIn Radio offers Android TV support, while iHeart Radio is compatible with Android Wear. You decide, TuneIn Radio or iHeart Radio?