Android Epic App Battles: BaconReader vs Reddit Is Fun

November 14, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Let’s be honest, we’ve all blown an hour or two floating around the seas of reddit getting lost in the vast collection of posts and subreddits. Sometimes we just can’t stop. Sometimes things are just too interesting to read. Others we might be just bored and need to kill some time. Perhaps you like trolling around the boards. Whatever your reasons are, you can’t always be at home and thus you can’t always be on reddit from your desktop or laptop(unless of course you take your laptop literally everywhere)which is why you may be using a reddit reader application on your Android smartphone or tablet. These are two of the best apps out there for browsing reddit, but we want to know which one you think is the best. Which one deserves the crown? They both work pretty similar, and both are great. We’ll go through some of the features of each and you can vote in the G+ poll for your favorite.


BaconReader is a great reddit app with a nice clean UI that anyone could get used to. Personally, this was my first experience with an app on Android for reddit. It was recommended by a friend and I was happy to give it a shot. One awesome feature of BaconReader is that it is currently the only app for reddit on Android that provides users, whether new or reddit veterans,(reddirans?)with a special and informative “redditorial” step by step guide to the world of reddit. It can certainly come in more handy for those who have never used reddit before, but it can also be useful for those who have just picked up BaconReader and want the rundown on specific app features.

BaconReader offers full screen mode so you can reddit in immersive without the nav bar taking up that small chunk of the screen. It also carries a tablet optimized design so no matter if you’re browsing BaconReader on your smartphone or tablet it’ll be visually pleasing. It also features full user profile support, color coded comment threads, and a full featured reddit inbox. What’s that you say? You want a reddit app that offers rageface and look of disapproval support? Well BaconReader has that too. There’s also easy access to subreddits and you can search for new subreddits any time you like. There’s also Jelly Bean compatibility with expandable notifications and and other Jelly Bean features, and we should hope so, since we’re now approaching the beginning of Lollipop. BaconRead is also free, although they do offer a paid version which gives you an ad-free experience for $1.99

reddit is funreddit is fun

reddit is fun is another reddit app I have personally used. I enjoyed it as well. The standout feature of reddit is fun could easily be the cross-device reddit history sync. You can access this feature in the settings and never be lost without your reddit history ever again when you switch from browsing on your phone to your tablet. Reddit is fun also provides tablet support, so there’s an optimized experience when browsing on tablets and you won’t have to feel like things are stretched or visually unappealing. The whole UI actually looks pretty similar to the reddit website, so things might fee a little more familiar than other reddit apps, although that’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Reddit is fun also has widget, which can be great if you like to skim subreddits without having to open the app. Do it all from the homescreen! There’s moderator features too, so if you’re a moderator of any subreddits this might be the perfect reddit app on android for you. Probably like most reddit apps, reddit is fun launches you onto the main page of reddit when you open it up, feeding you the most popular posts of the day from a wide range of topics. Reddit is fun also gives you a great way to manage and filter the content that you want to see, by giving you the ability to sort it by varying times, like reddits from the current hour, the current day, the current week, current month, and so on. There’s also a share button so you can easily share content that you’ve found within reddit is fun with other apps on your device. Reddit is fun is also free.

So there you have it. Two of the best reddit apps on Android. Which one do you personally use? Do you like the redditorial guide of BaconReader or do you refer to have a feature like the cross-device reddit history sync of reddit is fun? Don’t forget to the vote in the G+ poll for your favorite and help decide which is the better app.