Android How To: Disable Chrome from Showing Tabs in Overview in Lollipop

Chrome Lollipop AH 1

One of the new features in Android Lollipop allows for apps to show each instance in the Overview, which used to be called Recents. So for example, if you have an email open in Gmail, it’ll show that email, plus Gmail in the Overview. And if you’re in the Chrome browser, each tab is a separate “app” in Overview. For some, this can be annoying. One reason is because now when you reboot your phone or tablet, the “Recent Apps” don’t disappear. Leaving you with a never ending scrolling wheel of apps and app instances. However, you can turn this off for Chrome, which is the biggest offender.

If you want to see all your Chrome tabs in Chrome and now in Overview, there’s a simple way to fix this.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Lollipop device
  2. Tap on the Action Overflow menu
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tab “Merge tabs and apps”
  5. Slide the slider to off.

It’s just that easy. So now, if you’re like me and have  a million Chrome tabs open, they don’t show up in your Overview, which makes navigation so much more easier. We’re still digging into Android 5.0, and will have plenty more tips and tutorials in the coming days and weeks. So make sure you stay tuned.