Android and Apple Users Differ on More Than Just Their Choice of Smartphone


We always knew there was a difference between Apple "people" and Android "people" – and we are not just talking about their smartphone choice or preferences in apps, but according to a UK market research and polling company called YouGov, we even have different tastes in the very food that we eat.  With YouGov, you can put in any two brands, famous personalities, sports teams, political leaders or music artists and find out what the differences are between the two groups.  The Business Insider plugged in Apple and Android just to see what makes the two groups 'tick,' so to speak and they found out some very interesting facts.

They explain that the study does not show what the "typical" customer is like, but what is "particularly true" about a group – in other words, the data shows characteristics or things that were disproportionately popular in that data set.  It is still a lot of fun to go over the results and find out how the two groups tend to differ from one another.  Our current stereotype of the typical Apple user is thought to be someone that has more discretionary cash in his or her pocket, has a professional job and are from a higher social status…and from the results, YouGov would tend to agree with that…remember too, that these findings are for the UK. However, some of the other differences are quite interesting and fascinating, such as Apple owners were big Beyonce fans while Android users were into singer-songwriter, Olly Murs.  Did you know that when it comes to politics, Apple users are split down the middle, while Android users lean a little more to the left?


Take a look at the "typical" users postings below and you will get the general jest of the Apple and Android user in the UK.  Apple – female, age 25-39, lives in London, political center, into the media and publishing profession and has extra monthly spending money of about £1000 ($1600) or more.  The Android user, on the other hand, is a young male, age 18-24, lives in Northern Scotland, leans to the left in politics, into the information technology profession and has less than £125 ($200) extra a month.

A few other "facts" about the Apple and Android users – remember this is from the UK.  When it comes to favorite food, Apple users tied with grilled halloumi or nachos, while, surprisingly, Android users were into roast pigeon…maybe why they have less extra money to spend.  When it comes to media – Apple owners read the Guardian and Grazia while Android users read The Scotsman and The New Scientist.  Apple users only watch 1 to 5 hours of TV a week and will watch Made in Chelsea and the Great British Bake Off, while Android users watch more than 50 hours of TV a week and shows like the Simpsons and ITV drama Cilla.  Apple users spend about 31 – 35 hours online a week compared to the Android users' 21 – 25 hours per week.

When it comes to entertainment, Apple users like the movies – Home Alone, Love Actually, Frozen, The Tourist and Gravity.  Android user liked – Kelly's Heroes, AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Coraline, The Italian Job and Brassed Off.  Apple users favorite TV shows include – Friends, Sex in the City, Modern Family, The Inbetweeners and Breaking Bad.  Android users liked – Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure, 8 Simple Rules, Animal 24:7, What The Ancients Did For Us, Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers.  Apple users taste in music – Beyonce, Green Day, Arcade Fire, Ne-yo and Foo Fighters.  Android user liked – Olly Murs, James Blunt, Cannonball Adderly, Pet Shop Boys and Rita Ora.  Apple's favorite celebrities – Gary Barlow, Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand, Graham Norton and Simon Cowell.  Android users – John Noakes, Phil Harding, Samantha Bond, Buster Keaton and Penelope Wilton.  Pets – Apple owners like fish and Android owners like dogs.


Most of those likes can be attributed to the gender and age group of the 'typical' users, but please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you follow the typical Apple or Android grouping…as always, we would love to hear from you.

Typical Apple User in the UK

Typical Android User in the UK

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