Android 5.0 Lollipop Seems To Have A Bug That Makes Silent Mode Disappear On Phones

If you enjoyed the use of silent mode on your Android device, it looks like you'll be bidding the volume function on Android 5.0 Lollipop farewell as it no longer seems to be part of the system options within the latest version of the OS. According to Android Police, silent mode has been removed by Google  in this latest firmware update. The good news for some of you is that it only seems to be missing from smartphones running on the Lollipop system firmware, so if you either never use it or you only used it on tablets, you won't be missing it.

With the complete removal of a silent mode feature which takes away all sound and vibrations from all your notifications when they come in, users on smartphones running Lollipop are left with varied levels of volume and vibrate mode only. It's possible that since it is still a present feature inside of Android tablets on the same version of software, Google could be looking to integrate it back in with a future update. It could also be a bug that's causing the problem. Why it's even gone in the first place we're not really sure, but it isn't there so hopefully you weren't attached to it. Look at it this way, if you're at the movies and someone tells you turn off your obnoxious vibrating smartphone, you can reply with complete and total honesty that you can't do anything of the sort, because it would be true.

While I primarily would use vibrate for my notifications nearly all times I didn't want my phone to sound off at inappropriate times instead of silent mode, there are situations where silent mode comes in useful. That point is when you might be drifting off to sleep and you don't want to be bothered by all kinds of incoming status updates from Facebook or G+ and a dozen or so emails that may still be flooding in when you decide to hit the sack. This also still allowed for alarms to sound off in the morning when you set them to wake you up. If you're using a device on Lollipop the closest thing you have to this is the option to turn off all notifications with the 'none" feature which unfortunately, also turns off alarm notifications. See the issue? Android Police reports that while this is downright odd, it sounds like from what they discovered this seems to potentially be a bug as a reddit user pointed out that you can get phones into silent mode by taking the volume down to vibrate, then moving it back up to volume one, and rebooting the device which makes volume 0 reappear like it was there in the first place. The only caveat here is that reboots are going to be required again if you move your volume back up and then want to move it back down again. Does this issue affect you or do you rarely use silent mode to the point of where you wouldn't notice?

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