Amazon's Fire Stick Begins Shipping Today For Those Early Pre-orders


A few weeks ago Amazon launched their newest hardware option, the Fire Stick. For those unfamiliar with the Fire Stick. In short it is a Chromecast competitor. However, in fairness it is a lot more than Chromecast. The Fire Stick offers a dual-core processor and 1GB RAM (which is twice that of the Chromecast). There is also support for full HD streaming due to its dual-band WiFi. Not to mention the Fire Stick also comes with its own remote control and allows connection of control pads for gamers. From Amazon's perspective, the Fire Stick is pretty similar to their other well-selling home unit, the Fire TV. However, what really makes the Fire Stick a stand-out product is its $39 price tag. Which is almost identical to Google's Chromecast.

Since its launch at the end of October, Amazon seemed to have sold the Fire Stick in copious amounts. In fact, a press release by Amazon today has acknowledged that the Fire Stick is now officially the fastest selling Amazon hardware product ever. Which is no mean feat. In fairness, a large portion of these sales was aided by the initial two day promotion Amazon offered at lunch. This basically meant anyone who was already an Amazon Prime member could purchase the Fire Stick at an infinitely reduced $19 price. This price was a pre-order price and within those first two days reports starting coming in that the shipping of the Fire Stick was beginning to heavily back-up due to the number of pre-orders being taken.


Well, for those who were quick of the start mark and made sure to grab one of those early pre-orders you should probably keep a close eye on your mailbox. In the announcement, Amazon also advised that the Fire Stick has begun shipping today. As you would expect, this is based on a first come first served format and those who were first to pre-order will be first to receive their Fire Stick. This certainly means Prime customers. If you haven't yet ordered the Fire Stick then you can by heading over to Amazon. Although be warned, shipping is currently listed for January 15th for orders from today.

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