Amazon App Store Giving Away $80 Worth, Including Fleksy Keyboard


Amazon and Google co-exist in many ways. Personally, my preferred way to access books is via Amazon Kindle whereas I use Google Play Music for audio. I also prefer my applications via the Google Play Store but I enjoy my online shopping from Amazon. In some respects, Amazon and Google are competitors: both Google and Amazon sell online eBooks, both offer music, movies and an application store. Amazon use Google Android as the basis for the Fire's operating system, too. I have, however, tended to shy away from the Amazon App Store on my Android devices for no particular reason other than I don't like cluttering up my device with another application that I'm only going to use once in a blue moon, but today's news story may well make my change my mind.

You see, the Amazon App Store has a wonderful policy of offering premium applications free of charge every day and for today (Friday 14, November) and tomorrow (Saturday, November 15) they're giving away applications worth more than $80, including one of the better third party keyboards, Fleksy. In order to use these applications, you need to have installed the Amazon App Store onto my device(s) and be signed in (so you'll need an Amazon account). You'll also have to allow non-Play Store installations, which is usually a simple setting to toggle in Settings, Security. Otherwise, that's it: it won't cost you anything!


The full list of applications is showing below, but I'd draw readers' attention to a few of these and the first being the headline keyboard application, Fleksy, When Justin reviewed Fleksy earlier this year, he praised the application's speed and accuracy, which for a third party keyboard application are absolutely crucial . There's also the AndroZip Pro File Manager, which as the name would indicate, is a file manager with the built-in ability to handle ZIP, encrypted ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP and BZIP2 format archives. You can also pick up the Oxford Dictionary of English with Audio, great for you budding writers out there and XnRetro Pro, a high quality image processing application. All these and more are available free of charge; check out the source for the list of applications.

Do you use the Amazon App Store? If not, will you consider it now that these applications are available? Let us know in the comments below.

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