ai.type Keyboard Adds Five New Features, Including A Theme Marketplace

ai.type keyboard

Among the many third-party keyboards available for Android, ai.type Keyboard ranks among the best. With over 20 million users, ai.type Keyboard is getting better today. The keyboard already offers advanced text prediction, self-learning technology, and completion algorithms. This new release also adds new levels of personalization and improved correction and prediction. The biggest addition that this new version of ai.type brings is a brand new theme market that will let you download themes to skin your keyboard and make it your own.

The Theme Market for ai.type isn’t just loaded with themes that you can download. A bunch of the themes are free, but users can also design and create their own personalized themes. You can even share them with friends and upload them to the Theme Market. “With this version, we wanted to not only improve the keyboard’s already existing functionalities, but also continue providing our users more and more control over their user experience by making it fun” said ai.type Co-Founder and CEO Eitan Fitusi. “Take the Theme Market as an example, it raises the level of our app to one of interaction and creativity between users as they can share and rate new themes based on their creativity and design,” he adds.

The keyboard also gets predictive emoji with this update. The new Auto Emoji will suggest emoji based on context and word association. “These personalized suggested Emojis helps users write creative and appealing messages that makes for an overall fun messaging experience,” Fitusi says. “All these combined do more than just save people typing time on their devices; it reshapes their whole experience in a positive way.”

The ai.type keyboard version 3.0 also gets more language options including a simplified Chinese option and 13 new languages, including Urdu, Tamil, Punjabi, Swahili, Hindi, Bengali, Armenian, and Afrikaans. You can download ai.type Keyboard using the Play Store link below. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know which keyboard you use. Is it ai.type Keyboard?