Over 27.44% Users Root Their Phone(s) In Order To Remove Built-In Apps, Are You One Of Them?

OnePlus One Root 2

I believe that many of you who are reading this have rooted your device(s) for one reason or the other. Rooting your Android smartphone basically give you admin rights and lets you do basically anything you want with your device considering get access to anything and everything that way. This is kind of an unusual way to explain it, but does the trick I guess. Anyhow, by getting root you’re able to use certain apps which give you more control over your device as well as delete unwanted built-in applications for example. There are many scenarios where root can come in handy if you’re willing to go through with it, but many users are either unaware they can perform such procedure, are afraid to do it or just don’t want to do it because considering the way Android is evolving, there is less and less need for users to root their devices.

That being said, Chinese internet portal Tencent conducted a study in order to determine how many users actually root their devices and why. The results really surprised me to be quite honest, I thought there are far less users who root their phones these days, but it seems I was wrong. According to Tencent’s study, 27.44% mobile phone users root(ed) their phones, which is a significant percentage considering how many people actually use Android. More than half of those users are rooting / have rooted their phone(s) because they wanted to remove built-in software / apps which they can’t remove otherwise because they’re a part of the OS, Samsung’s TouchWiz apps are a great example actually.

I have rooted my device(s) numerous times for a ton of reasons, though main reasons were installing Titanium Backup, removing built-in apps in order to get better battery life and taking full advantage of apps like Tasker. I have to admit I haven’t rooted anything for a while though, I just don’t feel the need to do it anymore. I haven’t used Tasker or Titanium Backup for a while and I’m used to the current battery life provided by my smartphone, although that would be my main reason to root it. How about you, have you ever rooted your device, are you still doing it, what were your reasons?