4 Tips for Conferencing on A Mobile Device

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Video conferencing has been around for years, but the advent of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the industry. Gone are the days when you were tethered to your computer to join a video conference. Here are four tips for participating in a video conference successfully while using your mobile device.

Preparing Your Environment

Setting up a good environment in which to video conference is a standard practice, but you need to be especially conscious of doing so with mobile devices. Good lighting is an important aspect of having a clear, communicative interaction. Natural light from a window or a bright overhead light works well when you’re video conferencing, according to Entrepreneur.

Further tips for establishing a clear visual:

  • A mobile device isn’t the same as a computer webcam, and usually has a wider visible screen area.
  • You’ll want to be fully illuminated and avoid distracting backgrounds.
  • Test the visual on the mobile device by reversing the camera so you can see yourself. Adjust color and light as necessary.
  • Focus the light on your face, and avoid backlighting.
  • Sit upright in a chair, rather than on a bed or slouched at a coffee table.
  • Have all necessary materials prepared beforehand in case you need to reference them.

Place Your Mobile Device in a Cradle

A deceptively simple tactic that will also make a huge difference in your video conference presentation is placing your mobile device in some sort of cradle. This not only keeps the device at an angle ideal for communication, but also prevents the video from shaking or becoming unclear for other participants. Cradles often come with mobile devices and are convertible. For example, many smartphone protection cases come with built-in cradles, with a support that can be popped out in the back to stand the smartphone up like a picture frame. Most tablet cases also come with this feature, allowing you to flip the cover over and incline the device at different angles. Try to make sure viewers have a visual from your shoulders up at the very least. The more of your body language the other participants can see, the more effective your meeting will be. If you need the device to be higher, prop the cradle up on some books to increase the height.

Being Tech Savvy Will save You Money

Video conferencing is often touted as being a major money saver for obvious reasons, such as scaling back business travel costs and increasing efficiency with face-to-face communication. However, you need to go one step further and make video conference really work for you by tailoring it to your needs. What matters is investment in the right hardware and configuration, advises Business Insider. There lots of video conferencing providers out there, but the best ones offer easy compatibility with mobile devices, taking into account how many businesses conduct their affairs on smartphones and tablets these days. Companies such as Blue Jeans Video Conferencing utilizes this technology and highlights the ability to video conference from your mobile device just as easily as you would on a traditional computer. Many professionals today don’t even bother with a bulky laptop or desktop computer. This is especially true if you travel a lot, or are always on the go. Using a tablet is much easier than dragging around a computer, and today’s devices have comparable power and durability. Research all the options available out there for video conferencing before making an investment. Although there are free services out there, the most reliable are the ones you pay for, which come replete with different technological options as well as customer support. Using a professional service is best when you’re dealing with video conferencing for a business, since interruptions or patchy connections waste time, which also means wasting money.

Multitasking in Your Professional and Personal Life

One of the major perks of video conferencing while using a mobile device is the ability to take your meeting on the go in today’s busy world, according to Huffington Post. Whether you need to run an errand in the middle of a meeting, or you simply prefer to travel light while on the road, your video conference can go with you. The beauty of using mobile is that it’s transportable. You’re not tied to a desk or office with this technology and it provides ample opportunities to multitask. As long as you’re not distracted, mobile video conferencing is the best way to get multiple things done at once while on the move.

Video conferencing on a mobile device is one of the most convenient advances in business technology in the past few years. Setting up a device for optimal viewing will allow you to have productive meetings, but also move on the go if need be or travel. Taking your meeting on the road has never been easier than with mobile technology.