2K And Firaxis Games Launch XCOM: Enemy Within Onto The Play Store For $12.99

November 13, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Popular strategy game XCOM: Enemy Within from 2K and Firaxis Games has just dropped onto the Play Store, arriving sometime yesterday evening. This is a standalone expansion for the game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, with no IAP and the previous game isn’t required to play through this one. While there were a handful of people that seemed to get a hold of the game on the Play Store last night for a mere $0.99, the publishing at that price was most likely a mistake and the game was promptly pulled, only to be republished a little later for the actual price of $12.99.

The game features some of the best strategy gameplay that mobile has available to date, and it not only provide hours of fun gameplay but it has extremely high resolution visuals so it’s not without the eye candy. There’s new weapons and new equipment to give your operatives a tactical edge, and new story elements as well as new multiplayer maps, units, and abilities. This is Enemy Within, which means there’s all new threats to contend with. There is a new deadly organization known as the EXALT that you’ll be encountering throughout the game, as well as two new alien types. Countering them won’t be easy commander, but you’ll have new tactics to learn that will help you fight back the threat.

In Enemy Within, you’ll also be able to create custom squads from a wider array of options and attempt to dominate your opponents during intense one-on-one, turn-based matches. Among the new weapons and items, you’ll now be able to outfit your operatives with giant mechanized cybersuits which you can acquire through the cybernetics lab, and for new abilities you can enhance the power of your team by giving them awesome new genetic modifications. There’s a ton of new content here and for anyone that has been a fan of the series of games on consoles or PC, now you can take the second game in the series with you anywhere you go and play to your heart’s content. Interestingly enough, it seems that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is no longer on the Play Store and we’re not sure why or if it was pulled. We’ll update you if we gather any further details. You can pick up XCOM: Enemy Within for $12.99 from the Play Store link here.