ZTE's Senior VP: ZTE V5 To Launch In October

We haven't heard much from ZTE, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. We did however seen some rumors regarding company's upcoming ZTE V5 smartphone as of late, as well as an NBA edition of that phone. ZTE V5 has leaked about a week ago and brought some details about the device itself. It will allegedly feature a 13-megapixel OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) camera as well as Android "L" on board with ZTE's very own Nubia UI on top of it. The device reminded us of Nokia's Lumia family of devices in that leak.

We have yet another leak this time, though this one comes directly from ZTE's Senior VP. According to him, ZTE V5 will be the first phone in the V5 series and it will have a dual 4G LTE as well as the aforementioned Nubia UI on board. He also said that the device will be unveiled this month, October. This probably means that the device won't come with Android "L" as it was previously rumored considering Google still hasn't released the newest version of Android. It could still happen, but the chances are really slim in my humble opinion. The only way this could happen is if Google releases Android "L" (probably along the much-rumored Nexus 9 tablet) really soon in order for ZTE to be able to introduce the V5. This would mean that we'll see Google's upcoming tablet released in the coming days, perhaps even at HTC's event later today (though I really doubt that, but who knows). It would also mean ZTE has been working on Nubia UI for Android "L" for quite some time now.

You might have noticed I'm guessing a lot here, but can you blame me? We've already seen so many leaks when it comes to the Nexus 9 that I really don't know what to believe anymore. It seems odd that Google would launch it on HTC's event and it seems even less believable that ZTE managed to optimize Nubia UI for Android "L" already and that it will launch it soon after Google introduces it. ZTE is definitely holding an event this month though and we'll see ZTE V5 launched, with Android "L" or without it, it's up for you to decide, or should I say... guess.

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