Worldwide Android News 10/31/14 – Galaxy S5 Active, Guvera, Vodafone Deals and More!


Samsung's Galaxy S5 to Launch in the Netherlands Soon?




The Galaxy S5 Active has proven a decent device for Samsung, offering some much-needed protection over the original Galaxy S5 making it the perfect device for those that live a busy life or spend a lot of time outdoors. Taking the waterproofing and dust resistance to a higher level, and introducing a new hardware key, there's a lot to love about the Galaxy S5 Active as we found out in our review. Now though, the device might be headed to the Netherlands as Dutch retailer Central Point could be shipping the device as early as the middle of November. The price is believed to be under €600 and while it's not confirmed just yet, it looks set to be the fourth version of the Galaxy S5 to launch in the Netherlands.

Play Store Carrier Billing Hits New Networks In Belgium, Singapore and Poland

AH App Store Updates Weekly Playstore 1.2



As always, Google is rolling more carrier billing options in Europe, with Belgacom adding the service in Belgium, Poland now supports Polkomtel and Plus, with Singapore adding M1 support and New Zealand residents can now use 2degrees as their carrier billing. For more info though, you can just go ahead and check out the full list from the big, bad Google themselves.

Hangouts Now Give You the First Minute of Your Call for Free to 25 Countries

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Is Hangouts taking over Google Voice? It sure looks that way, with the two services becoming closer than ever and Hangouts often taking most of the limelight. Now, Hangouts will give you the first minute of your call to 25 countries all over the globe for free, but you'll need to use the Hangouts Dialer and have a pretty decent WiFi connection, too. The full list of countries can be found from Google's support page here, which also has some nice info for those new to the service as well.

Amazon Now Selling O2 Contracts in the UK On a Range of Handsets




It's not just the Fire Phone that is getting the O2 contract treatment from Amazon, as we covered earlier in the week, there are a whole slew of Android devices – and some none Android handsets – that Amazon is selling on an O2 contract. While this would be pretty big news, considering this is how the majority of phones are sold in the US, it's just O2 devices on offer, which is no good for someone like myself who has poor O2 service. Still, there are some deals going on at the moment and if you're in the market for a new contract this might be worth checking out.

Olloclip Now Accepts Pounds and Euros Online


If you're even the tiniest bit aware of how poor the lenses on smartphones can be when compared to dedicated glass, you might have heard of Olloclip. A company that's been making clip-on lenses for smartphones that drastically improve the quality of your photos for a good while, now. This past week, they announced that their own website would offer people the option to pay in pounds or euros and if you're in the UK you can get your order pretty quickly. Below is the statement from Olloclip and you can take a look at their products here.


The new expanded currency system is integrated within olloclip's existing web store and designed to cater to the soaring demand for its mobile photography lenses worldwide. Customers visiting can either select their currency up front or later when they specify their location. The pricing and local currency will update automatically at check out. Depending on their location, customers will have a choice of delivery options ranging from standard delivery in the UK and mainland Europe, to fast delivery within 48hrs currently available in the UK.

Japan's Rakuten to Offer Basic Wireless Service on the Cheap


Japan's Rakuten is to offer a basic, affordable wireless network offering soon, Reuters is reporting, with the firm to offer a basic voice and data plan for just 2,200 Yen. That's cheaper than the vast majority of comparable plans from the big players like NTT DoCoMo and au by KDDI, but this doesn't include a smartphone and won't offer much in the way of data. Still, this is just the beginning, and if it proves successful for Rakuten, I can easily see them rolling out more plans in the future.


Guvera Music Streaming Service Launches in India Ahead of Schedule

Guvera Office


Australian streaming service Guvera was supposed to launch in India next month, November 6th, but it appears to have gone live already. With plans starting with ad-supported free plans and more premium ones costing just RS 199 a month, this a service well worth looking at. As of right now, things are a little limited and while there is a dedicated section for Bollywood music, there's not much in the way of Indian music as of just yet.


Vodafone's Halloween Deals Include a Super-Cheap HTC One (M8)



There's some spookily-good deals happening at Vodafone over the weekend in the UK, with the HTC One (M8) being at the forefront, selling for just £285 out of contract. While it will be locked to Vodafone, you can always unlock it and get yourself a decent deal, or if you're on Vodafone then treat yourself to a worry-free upgrade. There are other phones with as much as 40% off their prices this weekend, so go ahead and take a look at your local Vodafone store to see what's what.