Worldwide Android News 10/10/14 – EE TV, Galaxy Note 4, SwiftKey's New Indian Languages and More!



Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is Heading to Japan, Pre-Orders Now Open

Galaxy Note Edge 01



During Samsung's IFA 2014 conference last month, they didn't just announce the Galaxy Note 4, they also unleashed something else, the Galaxy Note Edge. The device features an interesting curved display that makes up the Edge in its name and as you might expect it's much like the Galaxy Note 4 on the inside. The Edge can be used for UI controls as well as notifications and the time, that sort of thing. We were unsure whether or not the Galaxy Note Edge would be available outside of South Korea, but it looks like it's headed all over the world. Japanese buyers will soon be able to get their hands on the device on both NTT DoCoMo and KDDI by the end of the month. Pre-Orders for the device have already begun and Samsung themselves were keen to share the news.

EE Enters TV Market With EE TV, Streaming Freeview and Catch-Up TV




The UK's largest 4G network is now looking to creep into our living rooms with EE TV, the rather predictably named service is melding Freeview with the power of the internet to deliver yet another TV service. As of right now, only EE Home Plus broadband users can subscribe, but EE says it'll roll out further support, soon. In the package, you'll get a set-top box that has all the regular helpings of Freeview TV as well as catch-up from the likes of BBC's iPlayer and YouTube and others are already included. Further support for internet content will be added in the future, and you'll be able to control your TV from a compatible phone or tablet as well as stream content from the box. Speaking of the box, it supports dual-band WiFi, full HBB-TV support and has 1 Gigabit ethernet to boot. For £9.95 a month, it all sounds brilliant, but if EE isn't your first-choice of mobile network, then EE's latest offering might be out of reach for you. If you're interested though, EE's website has more info.

ASDA and Sainsbury's to Team Up with ZAPP for Mobile Payments




Mobile Payments are set to take off in the UK next year, or at least that's what the industry is telling us at least, with tens of millions being invested. ZAPP might be the first company to bring their mobile payments platform to the supermarket though, as they've recently just partnered up with both ASDA as well as Sainsbury's. ZAPP acts as the middleman between your account and there are various ways that retailers can ask you to pay. By inputting a number, tapping your phone with NFC (if its under £20 that is). Zapp has also partnered with House of Fraser, Littlewoods, Thomas Cook and a number of large banks, too. The tech is expected to roll out wider early next year and you can take a look at how ZAPP works in practice from their little YouTube video below.


HTC One M8 Eye Appears on Chinese Website



Earlier this week, HTC held an event in New York where they announced the Desire Eye as well as the RE Camera, but there was one device that we thought we'd see that HTC didn't mention, the M8 Eye. It appears that HTC went ahead and released another variant of the M8 with the Eye now listed on HTC's Chinese online store for 3,999 Yuan. This is exactly the same smartphone that was released earlier in the year, but this time around there's a 13-megapixel camera around the rear of the device instead of the 4-megapixel shooter. That's it. Nothing new to see here aside from that, but we guess it's nice that new M8 buyers in China have something to look forward to, but I doubt existing M8 owners are all that impressed with HTC over in China.


Samsung Confirms Week-Long Delay for Galaxy Note 4 UK Release



Earlier this week, an excited Galaxy Note 4 fan asked Samsung's Twitter account if the Galaxy Note 4 launch had been delayed in the UK, and Samsung kindly responded to say that it had indeed been delayed by one week. Samsung has said that due to the overwhelming demand for the new Galaxy Note, as well as high pre-order counts that Samsung felt it best to delay the launch by one week to October 17th, sorry folks.


Google's Play Store Now Accepts PayPal in Six More Countries

AH Google Play App Store Game of the week top 10 games android 1.1


Google's Play Store has been expanding throughout the globe for a long time now, and it appears that Google is now ready to roll out PayPal support on a wider basis. Six new countries have now been added to those that can pay with PayPal, including: Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, and Sweden. This brings the list up to a total of 18 countries now, and as always you can check Google's support page to see which payment methods are accepted and where in the world.


SwiftKey Beta Adds Support for 13 Indian Languages



If you're an Indian user of SwiftKey, but disappointed that it doesn't support your particular local dialect, then you'll be happy to hear that SwiftKey's latest beta fixes all this, with the inclusion of 13 new Indian languages, these include:


You can read more about the latest beta at SwiftKey's latest blog post and if you want to try it out for yourself, you'll first need to become part of the beta group.