Wood Rear Panels For Meizu MX4 Now On Sale

It all started with Motorola and their Moto X smartphone last year, it was the first smartphone to offer a wood back and it was an instant hit. When Motorola first offered the wood backed Moto X it sold out like hot cakes, everybody wanted one. Then, shortly after, OnePlus and Xiaomi started to offer wood backs on some of their smartphones as well once they saw how popular the wood-backed Moto X was with consumers.

Now, following in the footsteps of OnePlus and Xiaomi, a third party is also offering wood back replacements for a Meizu smartphone, the Meizu MX4. These third-party wood back replacements were discovered by one of the guys over at Gizchina who discovered them browsing through Taobao, essentially Chinese Ebay. The wood backings come in many different colors and wood grain styles and are pretty cheap. Although these wood panels are not official Meizu products, they appear to be of decent quality and look very good on the MX4.

As we have learned from OnePlus when they were forced to cancel their promised wood back replacements due to manufacturing difficulty, it is not easy to put wood on a smartphone. Smartphones get put under a lot of pressure and stress on a daily basis, including heat which obviously warps wood. This will make it interesting a few weeks down the road to see how people who are using the wood backings say they hold up.The Moto X wood backs seems to hold up just fine so hopefully these wood backs do the same for the Meizu MX4.

Now we would like to know if you guys would you be willing to replace the back panel of your current smartphone with a wood back? Something like that would definitely be kind of hard to trust with warping and chipping being a very possible issue. Although, like we said above, Motorola has been offering built-in wood backings to the Moto X for over a year now and there has been no major problems. Regardless, let us know what your guys' whole view on wood backed smartphones is in the comments section below.



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