As Well As A Revamped 'Recents' App List It Also Remains After Reboot


Hot Dog…I mean Lollipop! The news today about the latest Lollipop features and updates are coming thick and thicker. Only a few hours ago we reported on one of the new sweet features which seem to be in effect on Lollipop. If you missed it then just to recap the folks at Google have completely overhauled the way in which the 'recents' information is displayed. On the old way (KitKat) recents were displayed in a column style utilizing small window based thumbnail images that you would swipe to the side to get rid of. In the new Lollipop feature the recent are displayed in a much more Material Design manner with the open apps listed as pages on top of each other. Again, think about the way in which multiple tabs are displayed in the mobile Chrome browser. Well, they look very much like this. In addition, it was also noted that the Google Search Bar is also now present on the recents page highlighting Google are intent on making sure search is fundamentally available on all pages and screens.

Well since then another interesting development has been noted. You know when you are multitasking on your phone (as you do) and have multiple apps in use simultaneously? Something happens to your homescreen and then at some point for whatever reason you reboot. You then remember what you were doing and head back to your recents only to find your apps have all gone and were lost in the reboot never to be seen again. Well, as you have probably guessed by now this is not the case with Lollipop. Nope, instead once you reboot it seems all the recent apps remain in place, untouched and ready to work on. It seems as though the reboot had never occurred and as such Google is obviously caching them.


However, one interesting negative observation of the new recents apps is the 'clear all' button seems to have disappeared and as such there is no way to automatically clear all. With a new feature that keeps all recents after a reboot, one would have thought the clear all function was essential. Hopefully, this will be addressed by Google soon as clearing them all one-by-one (with no choice for those who read my last post) seems strange. Either way, if you are running the new preview then give it a try. Open a load of apps, reboot and see if they are still there. They will be!

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