Verizon Rumored To Be Carrying The Motorola Nexus 6

Nexus news is showing no signs of slowing down, and this latest bit might be one of the most exciting pieces of information that we've heard about the phone in a while since we gathered more data that Motorola would probably be the OEM behind the manufacturing of the phone. When it comes to Nexus device, typically they come unlocked and available for anyone that can throw a SIM card in it due to their use of a network running on the GSM technology. At least that's been the case for most of the Nexus devices, short of the Galaxy Nexus which was also sold on Sprint and Verizon networks, as well as the LTE Nexus 7 which eventually landed on Verizon too. The Nexus 4 came and went, as did the Nexus 5, and although some customers might have been hoping for it, there were no Verizon compatible versions.

That may all soon change with the Nexus 6 though, as the latest rumors suggest that Verizon might be carrying the Motorola Nexus 6 when it launches. If this proves to be true, I personally know a few really happy customers. The source of the information is anonymous, so take it with a grain of salt, and we suppose just keep your hopes alive if you're a Verizon subscriber but don't count this as a definite truth. With the amount of leaks that we've been seeing coming to light these past few weeks the Nexus 6 can't be too far off, and rumors have been stating a possible October or November announcement/launch. It's only October 2nd so we still have some time to go before we probably see or hear anything official.

Perhaps if the Nexus 6 lands on Big Red, it means that they'll finally be committing to a uniform time frame in which to push out updates to users who have the device on their network. If anything Nexus devices should be able to get the updates that are meant for them on time, even if the entire rest of the Verizon lineup doesn't get updates in a timely manner. If you subscribe to Verizon Wireless currently are you excited to hear that the Nexus 6 may be possible on the network? Or if you're with another carrier because of the fact that they support the Nexus device compatibility would you consider switching to Verizon if they carried the Nexus 6?

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