Verizon Offers More Data For The Same Price Plus $150 Port In Credit To Compete With AT&T

October 31, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Earlier today we reported on AT&T bumping up their data allotments for customers on the share value plan, and the fact that they were extending their Double the Data promotion through till November 15th, giving customers extra time to get in on the deal and get 30GB of data to share between anyone on a family mobile share value plan for just $130 a month, instead of the normal 15GB given to that plan for the same price. Although AT&T is still typically one of the more expensive carriers when it comes to wireless rates, those data deals were still a good deal for AT&T’s prices compared to what they normally offer.

Verizon Wireless seems keen on stealing some of that spotlight away as they have responded to AT&T’s new plan offerings which start this coming November 2nd, and have offered up their own packages to subscribers in an attempt to “offer customers more value to support their growing mobile lifestyles.” So what exactly is Verizon doing to counteract AT&T’s new data offerings? They’re offering you more data too. Yes, you, the customer. For just $80 a month, Verizon will let users have 10GB of data for the entire billing cycle, and if 10GB is absolutely not enough data consumption they’re offering an extra 5GB for another $20, bringing the total to $100 a month for 15GB of data. These are Verizon’s $80 and $100 more everything plans, which may have been an OK deal for subscribers before, but if you’re a customer of Verizon on one of these plans then things just got a little sweeter.

This is no doubt an initiative to compete with AT&T as they’re planning to offer more data for the same prices in just a few days, but it’s also a good thing for the people that will be grabbing new phones soon as they’ll likely be using them a little more heavily at first while they play with things and learn their new device. That isn’t the end of Verizon’s deal to entice consumers either, they’re also offering a $150 port in credit to anyone that switches and signs up for a brand new 2-year plan or signs up on the Verizon Wireless Edge program. How’s that for a deal?