Verizon Follows the Crowd, Doubles Data on Family Share Plans

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On Saturday, AT&T announced it was doubling their data in the higher tiers (15GB and 30GB). Earlier today, Sprint announced they were doubling data for those with data caps as well. Not to be left out, Verizon has also doubled data. While not all of their plans have doubled in data, a few have, and others have seen nice increases. Verizon has increased their $110 plan from 12GB to 15GB. Their $130 plan was 16GB and is now 30GB, their $150 plan jumped from 20GB to 40GB, and their $375 plan went from 50GB to 100GB. So they haven’t doubled everyone’s data, but it’s still a nice increase over what we had previously from Verizon.

It’s interesting to see that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have all doubled or increased data caps, instead of dropping prices on their existing plans. Which I’m sure more people would have liked. But then again they’ve gotta keep their investors happy. These new data caps are available on their Family Share plans only. Which means your data bucket is shared among all the devices on your account. Including tablets, and other connected devices. So it’s important to keep that in mind, if you’re thinking about jumping ship to Verizon. It’s interesting to see this hit on the day that they are beginning throttling of their grandfathered unlimited data users.

While it’s not unlimited data – I highly doubt we’ll see Verizon or AT&T bring back unlimited data – 15GB of data for $110/month isn’t bad at all. It’s definitely a plan I’d jump on. Verizon does still have the most reliable network. It may not be the fastest everywhere, but it is the most reliable. And it’s great to see them getting into these price wars with the other competitors. How many of you are going to be hitting up Verizon to get your data caps increased now? Let us know in the comments below.