Upcoming OnePlus One Firmware Update Resolves Remaining Touch Issues


The OnePlus One has had a few issues since launch, but those have been whittled away with every major update from the fledgling Chinese company.  Back in August we learned of an issue with the touchscreen in the device that caused weird "ghost swipes" as they were called where swipes would be registered instead of just quick presses, causing problems specifically when typing.  There were also issues when fingers touched eachother and the digitizer would get confused as the electical signal would change and it wouldn't be able to keep track of your fingers correctly.

The update last month fixed the vast majority of the issues present, but some users were still reporting problems here and there depending on the individual phone, how you used it, etc.  Now it looks like another big updated digitizer firmware from Synaptics has been delivered to OnePlus and Cyanogen and the official CM11S update containing this patch is on its way hastily.  Users who are rooted and looking to grab this updated firmware right now can do so by installing either the Franco kernel or the AK kernel, both of which have rolled the patch into their kernels at this point.


Personally my touch issues had been resolved on a daily level, and given that many digitizers have difficulty recognizing when fingers touch anyway I had assumed this was an unfixable issue.  Using Yet Another MultiTouch Test and drawing lines with my fingers below you can see the differences between the old and new firmwares pretty clearly.  I used two fingers on the first test, with the red and blue lines being different fingers, drawing straight lines down with fingers separated then together.  The old firmware spazzes out, for lack of a better term, when fingers touch.  The new firmware, however, holds the lines straight and clean the whole way down even with 3 fingers touching.  This is significant and needed to finish addressing the few issues that are left.  Now just to fix that HDR mode guys!

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