Twitter Launches New 'Digits' Service Which Lets You Sign-In To Apps With Your Phone Number


With each passing day more news emerges on security, how to better protect yourself and what the various tech companies can do to help. A couple of weeks ago Apple's Tim Rice and Eric Schmidt butted (verbal) heads on whose operating system was safer. Yesterday we saw Google launch its new variation of two step-verification which involved using a security key (USB type stick) to verify who you are along with your password on the Chrome browser. Now today it seems to be Twitters turn.

The social media giant has launched a new sign-in service dubbed 'Digits'. As the name highly suggests this security service uses a number sequence to allow for a safer sign-in process. In fact, the number sequence in question is your phone number. Once registered and instead of signing into various apps with your normal log-in you can instead simply use your phone number. Once inputted, the Digits service sends an SMS to your device to verify it is you (with an access code) and hey presto you are a go. No passwords to type in and no need to worry. Similar to the standard two-step process we are already used to which also uses your phone to verify by sending a code. The new service was announced today at Flight which is Twitters first annual developer conference and Digits is expected to be available in 200 countries and in 28 different languages.


As well as being able to protect users information and safeguard their security, Twitter seems keen to get developers on-board with the service. As such Twitter have apparently made it rather easy for developers to include the service in their current (and future apps) with just a few lines of code. However, currently the number of apps using the service is rather limited with Twitter only announcing Fitstar, Resy and OneFootball to be part of the service at launch. It is highly expected though that the list of available apps will greatly increase in the weeks and months to come. Anything that makes security easier and already is backed by an infrastructure like Twitter will be widely well-received. Will you be using Digits? If you are already a Twitter user than I guess it makes sense as you won't have to give any more details to them than they already have. Either way let us know what you think of the new service. And if you are a developer and interested in adopting the service then follow the link to head over to the Digits Developer site.

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