Twitpic Shutting Down But Twitter Spares The Photo Archive

Well folks, the popular image hosting service Twitpic is now officially dead. Twitpic announced yesterday that their service would cease to exist due to Twitter's opposition toward them. Twitpic has been on quite the rollercoaster, first saying that they would shut down, then saying that they had found a buyer and were actually not going to shut down, then they were and weren't, you get the picture. But now it seems that Twitpic has finally reached its final decision as of yesterday, they will shut down for good.

For those of you who are not aware of what Twitpic was, it was an image hosting service that allowed people to easily share their photos on Twitter. It was a pretty popular service that a substantial amount of people had incorporated into their daily lives, it's a shame that they will be left without the service. Although, if you are one of the many people who used Twitpic, you will still have access to your photos that you had previously uploaded to the service as Twitter has said that they will not be destroying Twitpic's archive of images.

So what does Twitpic shutting down actually mean? Well Twitpic did a pretty good job of explaining that in a recent blog post. First and foremost, people will no longer be able to upload new photos to Twitpic, both the iOS and Android apps have been removed from their respective app stores and will no longer be supported, and people will still be capable of logging into their Twitpic accounts and deleting and viewing their uploaded photos. Also, like we mentioned above, Twitter has decided to spare the Twitpic photo archive, so if you want to go download all of your uploaded photos from Twitpic you can do so. That's it, Twitpic is officially dead and gone. It's really unfortunate that a popular service such as Twitpic that has been around for many years has to go away so abruptly. At the same time we could see this coming from miles away, Twitter does not take fondly to any app or service that ties into it such as Falcon or Tweetdeck. Hopefully another, similar service is brave enough to rise up and take Twitpic's place in the near future.

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