Touring Venice Anytime Soon? Then Check Out This New Glassware

Glassware for Google Glass is expanding more and more as time goes on and as that happens the Glassware just gets more and more interesting. The latest Glassware, known as "Okay, Venice" is definitely an interesting Glassware application. What it does is essentially give you a virtual tour of the city of Venice, possibly a very useful tool for tourists who own a pair of Google Glass.

The "Okay, Venice" Glassware has been developed by Vidiemme Consulting to offer tourists an easy and interactive map that features different major landmarks located in Venice. Unfortunately, at the moment only six landmarks are implemented into the "Okay, Venice" app, but it is likely that other landmarks will be added in the future. The Glassware will allow users to do a couple of things, either get directions to the nearest landmark or be led stage by stage through all of the six landmarks. Upon arriving at each landmark, users will also be greeted with digital content that will tech them a little about that specific location. Or as Vidiemme puts it, "Each spot has some digital content providing in-depth material that will enrich the visitor with explorative experiences and a feeling of wonder."

As we have mentioned multiple times already, the Glassware currently only offers six major landmarks, but these specific landmarks were chosen for good reasons. They were researched and chosen by a man named Paola Zoffoli who has been both a writer and tour guide in Venice for more than 10 years. Paola chose the locations based off of their historical value and popularity among tourists. So while six landmarks might not be many, they are the most popular in all of Venice. While "Okay, Venice" may not be the first tourism Glassware app, it does appear to be the most polished and ambitious based on the promotional video. Vidiemme says that they hope for a future where many cities have apps such as this in-order to educate visitors on their surroundings. This was a great move by Vidiemme consulting and we can't wait to see the "Okay, Venice" Glassware app get released.


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