Top Android Homescreen October 31st Edition: City

October 31, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s Halloween, October 31st, and a Friday so that means a homescreen setup for you. Unfortunately it proved fairly difficult to find something a little more spooky and appropriate for the holiday, so we’ll just roll with this pick that I have chosen. It’s called City, and was created by David Pitoko. Everything with this homescreen pick just like every other will require some app downloads, but don’t worry there are only a few and everything is pretty easy to set up. If you like the homscreen setup, make sure to visit the source link below which will take you to the page at mycolorscreen for this homescreen creation, and be sure to “zoom” the image and hit the love button to show some appreciation to Pitoko.

First things first, open up the Play Store and grab yourself the few apps you’ll need to make this look work. The first is a third party home launcher. You can use either Apex Pro or Nova Prime, either should work just fine for what you need to do here. Second, you’re going to need Zooper Widget pro, which is used to apply the widget skins. Lastly you’ll also need Media Utilities, which is basically the plugin for the music controls on the widget.

Once you have everything installed make sure to set your homescreen grid to a 6 x 6. you can find that option inside the settings for your third party launcher. After you have the homescreen grid set to the proper size, hide the status bar and the dock, and then make sure you only have one homescreen. Long press on your single homescreen to apply a widget, scroll to find Zooper Wiget Pro, pick any size as it really doesn’t matter and you can just resize it anyway once it’s placed. Make sure to select the downloaded widget files that you grabbed from Pitoko. Those can be found by going to the source link below, where Pitoko links to them. That’s it. As always happy theming! and have a great Halloween. Don’t eat too much candy.