Top Android Homescreen October 17th Edition: [email protected] UI

Nexus day has come and gone, and today marks the first official day of the available pre-orders for the Google Nexus 9 from HTC. It's also the weekend which means a brand new homescreen for the custom setup lovers out there that like to have something a little more unique and lively compared to the standard Android homescreen that your device came with. As always we get our homescreen picks from mycolorscreen, and this week is no different. If you like the design setup here and you want to put this design on your own device, we'll have the basic breakdown of what you need which will include a few apps to download and install. Also, be sure to show some appreciation for the homescreen creator by hitting the source link below and hitting the love button as well as "zooming" the main image of the homescreen.

This week is a design created by David Pitoko called [email protected] UI, and if you couldn't guess by the name the setup makes it look like your homescreen has a selection of various different cards with app shortcuts and other things. There's also a nice Material Design flow of style with this homescreen right down to the colors, something that should definitely be appreciated given the imminent arrival of Android 5.o Lollipop. To get started, you'll need to download a few apps and install them, all can be obtained from the Play Store. For this look you'll need Zooper Pro, Nova Prime(third party home launcher)and Media Utilities. Although Nova Prime is mentioned here, Apex Pro should work too.

After you have those installed, make sure that your homescreen grid is set to 6 x 6, and have two homescreens set as well. This is because the homescreen designs are comprised of widgets, hence the need for Zooper Pro(widgets app)and there will be one widget placed per homescreen. Lastly, media utilities is for the capability to plug in the media controls to the Zooper widget for your music. You can grab all the download files from the link that David Pitoko provides at the mycolorscreen page, which we have sourced down below. Have a great weekend, and as always happy themeing!

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