Top 10 Best Speed Test Apps for Android

Top 10 Best Speed Test Apps Android AH 1

Want to see how fast your carrier really is? Or how fast your WiFi is? Sure you do. That’s why there are so many Speed Test apps available on the Play Store right now. We’ve gathered some of the best – some do even more than just speed testing – for you to check out in today’s top 10 best apps.

Speed Test Light

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This isn’t the best looking speed test app out there. But it does it’s job. It’ll show you your ping, download speed, upload speed, and also keep track of all of your tests. So you can see what your fastest was. Which is always nice.


Speed Test

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A bit nicer looking speed test app here, but it still does basically everything you’d expect it to do. Speed Test your Download & Upload Speed and Ping on 3G, 4G and LTE and WiFi Hotspots. One-tap testing in under 20 seconds. Watch your speedtest in full screen mode for better visibility. Worldwide High-Speed Server network for reliable results. Track your past 3G, 4G, LTE and WiFi speedtests in your personal test history.


Internet Speed Test

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This one looks like its straight out of the Donut/Eclair days, but it does work. It will give you an accurate speed test of your current connection, which is what really matters, right? And that’s about all it does, is gives you your download and upload speeds.



Screenshot 2014-10-04 10.29.33

I actually really like Sensorly. It does more than just gives you the option to do a speedtest, but it uses your signal strength and puts it on their carrier map to show everyone how AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile fair in a certain area. Which is important because a lot of carriers don’t update their coverage maps, and/or lie on them.


FCC Speed Test

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This app came out less than a year ago. It’s actually surprising to see the government putting out a decent app, right? It’ll show you  your ping, download speed, upload speed and a few other things. As well as keep track of all your speed tests, which can be pretty important.


3G/4G/WiFi Maps & Speedtest – Opensignal

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Much like Sensorly, Opensignal’s app also shows you coverage maps for various carriers, as well as allowing you to do speed tests in the app. Signal compass points you in the direction your signal is coming from, just walk towards it!  WiFi map allows you to easily locate nearby public networks.  Coverage maps allow you see the best places for signal. Speedtest feature allows you to see the true speed of your connection (download, upload & latency). NetworkRank allows you to see which carrier is best in your area.


Internet Speed Test 3G,4G,Wifi

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Another app that isn’t all that popular but does do exactly what you need it to do! one-click speed test of download, upload and ping, history of all speed tests saved to your device, easy sharing of results, compatible with a wide array of Android devices.


SpeedAnalysis Speed Test

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Test your internet speed with SpeedAnalysis Speed Test. Set default units of Kb/s and Mb/s for the test. Set download and upload test length. Set the number of connections used when running download and upload tests. Store past results and sort them by 3G and Wireless. Translated to French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and German.



Screenshot 2014-10-04 10.38.26

Probably the most popular Speedtest app ever. Everyone has been using this since the dawn of time, it seems. Whether its their app or their website, it’s a great service, and they sure love cats! With Speedtest.net, you are able to test your connection, both WiFi and mobile data. It also gives you all those tests in the results tab, so you can see what time you got the fastest and where you were. It’s great to see if you’re getting the speed that your ISP has promised you.


 nPerf speed test & QoS 4G WiFi



nPerf is an excellent speedtest application for testing either your speedy WiFi connection or your mobile connection, thanks to the 1 Gbps servers all over the world. You can limit how much data you use by testing, and the app tests not just your speed but the quality of your connection as well. For instance, it will check how well video and web browsing performs on your connection. For more on nPerf, you can read our review here.