Featured: Top 10 Best Android 2014 NHL Hockey Apps


The Score: Sports And ScoresThe Score

If you want to stay up to date on every single hockey game whether it be about news, alerts, scores or epic plays, The Score: Sports and Scores is definitely an app you need installed on your device. You also get access to stats, and the app supports all other major sports so once NHL season is over you can keep up on your favorite teams from other sports too. NHL season is just beginning, so get yourself prepped and grab the app from the Play Store link.



You can't enter into NHL season expecting to stay up to date and get the NHL information you crave without having the official NHL app. It features live scores and game stats, in-game and post game video highlights, game preview and recap videos, on-demand league news and video, customizable alerts, full season schedules and standings, and much, much more. Keep track of all the data and highlights for your favorite teams in the palm of your hand. NHL is free, and you can grab the official app from the Play Store link.



Hockey Summit: NHL NewsHockey Summit

This app can keep you updated with all  your hockey and NHL news in one app. It features a collection of different sites and blogs that cover NHL news, basically like an NHL RSS feed, so you can not only stay up to date on your favorite teams hockey scores, but you can read all hockey and NHL related news from over 100 different sites the the app aggregates. Hockey Summit is free, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.



ESPN SportsCenterESPN

ESPN SportsCenter is not only your ticket to all things NHL from game scores, news, stats, and more, but it also covers just about every major sport on the planet so you can stay up to date on anything and everything. Get NHL news highlights and with dozens of different notification options so you never miss out on any of the action. ESPN SportsCenter is free, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.


Yahoo Fantasy Football And MoreYahoo Fantasy Football And More

If you like to play your fantasy sports, Yahoo Fantasy Football and more will give you all you need to play Fantasy Hockey according to this seasons NHL games. manage your roster and pick up waiver players, set your lineup with expert analysts, and check league performance to see who's dominating it in the current week. you can also get breaking player news based on your fantasy team with instant score updates. Yahoo Fantasy Football and More is free, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.



NHL LineupsNHL Lineup

This is touted as a simple app to keep you updated on the latest NHL lineups, but it's a little more than simple. It features lots of good stuff for any NHL fan. See all the up to date lineups of your favorite teams, and see specific team news, team transactions, and team Line changes. you can also use the app to see player stats like position, shooting side, height, weight, draft team and round drafted. There's also tons of other great stuff included and it's wrapped up in a nice little UI. NHL Lineups is free, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.



NHL Hat Trick ChallengeNHL Hat Trick

While the app doesn't necessarily keep you up to date on the latest team roster or give you back to back video highlights of yesterday's game, NHL Hat Trick Challenge is great for any true hockey fan that is keeping up on all the latest news surrounding their favorite teams and the NHL. The Hat Trick Challenge is essentially an app that asks the user trivia questions about current games, and correctly answered questions award points. Points can be stacked up and collected and give more chances to win prizes. The grand prize this year is a VIP trip for two to the 2015 Stanley Cup Final. NHL Hat Trick Challenge is free, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.


NHL Hockey ScheduleNHL Hockey Schedule

This is just a basic NHL Pro Hockey schedule and alerts application. Without a whole bunch of fuss and muss, NHL Hockey schedule gives you quick and easy access to see the latest up to date schedules on upcoming games so you always know who is playing that week. All NHL teams are included in the app so no matter who you root for you can keep up to date, and there's no internet connection required so you can be sure that you're always able to check in on schedules. It also holds the data for all local and national TV listings for each game so you know when they play and on what channel they're televised on. NHL Hockey Schedule is free, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.



NHL Hardest Shotunnamed (1)

NHL Hardest Shot is more of a novelty app for the true Hockey fans, but it's a fun one nonetheless. It lets you measure the strength of your slapshot to compare against the pros using what NHL Interactive is calling state of the art software. You basically just set a couple parameters (measure the shot distance and then set the phone)and then fire off your shot and see how strong it is. A great novelty for anyone that has ever dreamed of playing in a Hockey game. Essentially it works as you lay your phone down on the ground and off to the side of the target your're shooting at, and the mic plus the apps software measures the audio from the slapshot of the puck hitting the target. The app is stated at being designed for distances of 20-40 ft. and anything over or under may not come out as intended. If you fancy yourself a king of the slapshot and want to see just how strong your is, NHL Hardest Shot will set you back $1.99, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.



Pittsburgh Penguins MobilePittsburgh Penguins Mobile

This one is dedicated to the fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and if you call yourself one of those fans then this is a must have app to keep up to date on all things relating to the team. With the app you get real-time breaking news on the Penguins, HD radio for live streaming of the games, standings, media which includes news, photos, and on-demand live streaming video clips of the games, and plenty more. If you like to keep things social, the app also aggregates all the best Penguins tweets into the app, and of course, it also holds the schedule for all upcoming Penguins games so you never miss a beat. The app is free, and you can grab it from the Play Store link.