The Meizu MX4 Sporting A Wood Back

Meizu Mx4 Wood Back


Here we are again, talking about images of the Meizu MX4 that have leaked out except this time there is something interesting in the image. The leaked image of the Meizu MX4 shows the handset with a wood back, not to mention the leaked image is actually of decent quality. We have to admit, the wood back does make the MX4 look pretty classy, and what’s even better is that the wood back is rumored to have actual wood texture.

This leaked image of the Meizu MX4 with the wood back does not really surprise us, the device has been rumored to have the option of a wood back for a long time. There has also been word floating around in the tech world that a lot more Chinese handset manufacturers are going to begin embracing wood backs for their devices, even if it is just swappable shells. Speaking of that, we don’t really know for sure yet whether or not these wood backs we keep seeing for the Meizu MX4 are going to be a permanent back or swappable backs, either way we really hope that they are made of real wood.

Motorola is the biggest handset manufacturer to embrace real wood backs for their devices, their flagship devices at that. For those of you who don’t know what devices we are talking about, we are talking about last years and this years Moto X. A popular device that has done nothing but gain traction and public attention, the real wood back offerings being a staple of the device. Ever since Motorola began to offer wood backs for the original Moto X back in 2013 people loved them and wanted a Moto X with a wood back, especially the bamboo ones. Something about having a smartphone with a wood back just tantalizes us as humans.

Something that is worth pointing out is the fact that we have seen the Meizu MX4 leak out with gray, white, gold, and glossy shells already, and now in wood. This tells us that the device will more than likely just offer swappable backs instead of offereing the device with different backs built in. Either way, like we said, we really hope that the wood is real wood, not plastic.

Do you guys want to see the Meizu MX4 launch with wood backs built in or do you want them to be swappable backs? And what about the material, do you want to see real wood or plastic that looks like wood? Let us know in the comments section below.