TellTale Games Launches The Wolf Among Us Onto The Play Store

Telltale Games has just launched a game onto Google Play today. No, it isn't the long awaited Tales From The Borderlands that has many people eager and chomping at the bit. We're talking about The Wolf Among Us, a popular title they have had available on Android(technically)for some time, just as an exclusive to the Amazon App store. Now Play Store goers have their chance to pick up the game, as it has just been listed. You can grab it for free for the first episode, which is part of a five episode series. As expected, you'll need to purchase the second, third, fourth, and fifth episodes of the game if you want to play the full game in its entirety which are available as IAP.

The Wolf Among Us for those who are unaware is an episodic adventure game, in the same style and fashion as The Walking Dead series from Telltale games. You play as Bigby Wolf, The Big Bad Wolf in this story and must look into a series of grizzly and violent murders taking place on fairy tale characters. It's based on the Fables comic book series and allows you to choose what and when to make certain decisions that affect the overall outcome of the story and how it plays out.

As stated by the developers, the game is set before the events that were published in the first issue of the comic book, so there is no need to worry about missing out on any of the story line that ties in, which should be every gamers nightmare, not having all the pieces of a story. Seriously, that's no fun. The Wolf Among Us plays just like The Walking Dead as I stated above, which almost feels like a point and click adventure in a way. Not completely, but it has a certain element of those types of games. The difference here is that there is some free movement involved which isn't typically found in a point and click adventure. All in all, it sounds like a really great game and has gotten rave reviews from gamers since it's official first launch on any platform. The visuals are heavily stylized with a comic book art style, so if you enjoy those types of graphics definitely give the first episode a look.

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