T-Mobile Drops The Price On Samsung Note 3, Galaxy S5 Along With The LG G3

October 3, 2014 - Written By John Anon

As with the release of all flagship devices, when one comes out the last flagship becomes cheaper. This is a fact of life these days. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is no different. With the device due imminently for release we are now seeing the cost of Samsung’s Note 3 starting to drop. T-Mobile is the latest to drop the price. At present the Note 3 is now available via T-Mobile for $516.96 off-contract. This (according to T-Mobile) is $100 saving off of their previous $616 price. If you don’t want to pay so much upfront then you can get the Note 3 with $0 down on a two year contract. The cost of this will be $21.54 per month, in addition to your call plan of course.

If the Note 3 is not your thing then it might be worth noting T-Mobile also have the Samsung Galaxy S5 on sale too. The drop price is not as significant as the Note 3 with the S5 only lowering by $50. Now you can pick up the device for $609.60 down from $660. Again, if you don’t want to lay out so much then the S5 is available on a two year contract with $0 and a monthly payment of $25.40. Lastly, the LG G3 has also dropped in price with T-Mobile. Well, to be accurate the device has not actually dropped in price and is still listed at the $598.80 full retail price. However on the T-Mobile listing for the G3 they are advertising a Promo code which knocks $48 off the price of the device. To claim just enter “G3DEAL” during check-out. Although this is the least of the savings on offer the G3DEAL promo also does include a free LG Quick Circle Folio case. This is the case with a circular cut-out allowing for quick app widget control. The case retails for $49.99 on its own so combined with the $48 off of the device you can save almost $100 with this G3 deal.

So there you go. With the upcoming releases of the new flagships like The Note 4 and Xperia Z3 it seems T-Mobile are doing a little spring (or Autumn) cleaning. Any of these prices attract you or do you have your hearts (and wallets) firmly set on one of the newer devices?