Spotify Family to Offer Up to Four Accounts For One Monthly Payment

October 20, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


We’re now so accustomed to listening to music wherever we are that it’s a safe bet most of you reading this either have at least a few hundred songs on your Android smartphone or you’re subscribed to a monthly subscription to something like Soptify or Google Play Music’s All Access. Arguably one of the pioneers in the field, Spotify has been expanding this past year and they’ve become not just a name in Europe but also in the US and beyond. Today, they’ve shared the news that they’ll be offering a Family Subscription in the coming weeks, allowing as many as five people to have their own accounts from just one monthly payment.

This is a pretty big deal when you think about it, not only does this make it even easier for a group of people to get access to the music they want legally, wherever and whenever they want it. Spotify Family will also offer families a discount, too. In the US a Premium subscription costs $9.99 a month, but a Family plan for two accounts costs just $14.99 which is a 50% discount on your second account, this goes all the way up to a max of 5 people, with each additional plan cost an extra $5 or £5 in the UK. The structure is much the same in Australia and New Zealand with a two-member plan starting at AU$17.99 and NZ$19.49, respectively. For five members in Australia or New Zealand things shoot up to AU$35.99 and NZ$38.99, respectively.

The discount side of things here is pretty nice, but it clears things up for families who might be paying for a subscription for the parents and then one or two for their children. Making it one monthly payment could also help bring more users to the service, but we’ll have to wait and see how successful it becomes. Spotify has said that they’ll be unleashing the Family plans globally over the next few weeks.