Sponsored Game Review: Speed of Time



Description: Speed of Time is a racing game that’s sure to please endless runner fans as well as minimalists, with a smooth 60 fps of funky speed and arcade style gameplay. In Speed of Time, you control a yellow ball that careens around the narrow road while also being propelled through the air to fly through rings that extend your allotted gameplay time. It’s a little tough to describe, but this is a game that’s all about speed, precision and holding your nerve. With more depth to it than you might first think, Speed of Time could be that mobile game you’ve been looking for. Take a look at the video below as we hit the road with Speed of Time.

How it Works: You’ll first need to download Speed of Time from the Play Store, and while this is a paid-for game, there’s at least no pesky ads or anything like that getting in your way.


You can sign-in with your Google Play Games account if you like, which I certainly recommend, and once you you’ve done that, you’re thrown in at the deep end. There are a few prompts to give you a little helping hand, but there’s not really a huge amount to get your head around here, really.


Sticking to the orange line in the center of the road will keep you going at full speed, but this is hard to control, thankfully you can brake by holding the left and right side of the display. However, you’ll need to look to the skies to keep on going, as you need to jump through rings to keep on adding time to your overall run.


The ramps will take you up into the sky and this is a pretty big part of the game as well, as you need to make sure you hit the rings and also land back on the road, otherwise you’re going to be in for a shock when you just keep on falling.


As you progress, you’ll keep on hitting more rings and lasting longer, which keeps on pushing you to beat your last high score. One thing’s for sure though, no same two trips are the same, as each time you’ll get a different starting point and more.


With all sorts of stats that speed freaks will really enjoy seeing, it’s pretty clear that Speed of Time is a game for speed lovers. Without the need for gimmicky cars or dodging handling, Speed of Time is a game that asks you to hold your nerve as well as keep in control of all that speed.

Opinion: Speed of Time is a rare game find for me, as I was unable to put it down while reviewing it. I’m struggling to get past 14 or so ring jumps and that’s frustrating for me, but it’s frustrating in a way that excites me. I want to do better, I want to go further. The whole game is geared up in such a way that you end up fighting against yourself, and this can create some seriously satisfying challenges. I love the graphics and the cool sound effects and there’s an arcade style retro look and feel to it that will resonate with a lot of older games. No matter what though, Speed of Time is a hundred miles an hour of fun.


  • Speed (5/5) – The game promises to run at 60fps and to really test this, I ran it on a budget-minded tablet and it still performed brilliantly while delivering a real sense of speed.
  • Features (4/5) – All-in-all, this isn’t the most original concept, after all it’s basically an arcade racer with checkpoints. However, it’s packaged in such a way that it feels fresh, that it brings back that simple feeling of wanting to go as fast as you can, for as long as you can.
  • Theme (4/5) – I love the retro look and feel here and the fact that everything runs super-smoothly certainly doesn’t hurt, either.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – A great game that will have you hooked in minutes, Speed of Time is a nice change of pace from your average racing game available on Android and will appeal to endless runner fans as well.


  • Works nicely on tablets as well as phones thanks to simple controls that make sense and stay where you expect them to be.
  • Challenging, but satisfying at the same time, there’s a certain rhythm to the game that you’ll soon pick up and be hooked on.
  • Features decent Google Play Games integration, bringing out the schoolboy competitor among online friends.
  • Great game for those looking for speed, but would rather steer clear of the childish racing games often available on Android.


  • Some power-ups or something similar would help liven the game up after a few hundred runs, but once you score 40 points the experience does change.
  • Some times it feels more about the luck of the draw than skill, start off with no rings nearby and it’s a lot more difficult to keep going.

Conclusion: With only a few niggles here and there, Speed of Time is a game that runs great, keeping a 60 fps rate on even lower-end hardware. It’s a game that will appeal to speed freaks as well as more casual gamers and there’s no denying that it’s addictive, having hooked me after just five minutes with the game. Overall, this is a game that will keep you coming back for more and will leave a smile on your face.