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Description: Guess Words is a game for Android that, like many other similar titles, presents you with a few visual cues and then asks you to input what you think the word is. There are 250 plus levels in Guess Words, which each level being a new puzzle, and there are more on their way. Guess Words features a set of letters at the foot of each puzzle, and you can ask for hints by cashing in some of your coins. Each level gives you coin and if you want to purchase more coins, you can do so through inexpensive in-app purchases. Read on to see what we thought of Guess Words for Android.


How it Works: You'll need to download Guess Words from the Play Store first, and then you can start guessing.

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Straight away, you're given some puzzles to try out and what I liked about them is that they're simple, with a challenging edge to them, all you need to do is put in the letters that you think could be right and when you've completed the word you'll be told if you're wrong or right.

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While this answer was fairly obvious, my initial reaction was "it has to be 'World Cup'" but I was wrong and I soon realized why. Interestingly, the arrangement of letters here can make it very tricky to come to the right conclusion.


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At the end of each level, you're given a single coin towards your total. Of course, this was just the first level, and it was pretty easy.

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The further into the game you get, the more difficult the puzzles will get.

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If you need a little hint, you can spend some of your in-game coins to help you out.


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You can even share the puzzle and ask for help on social media like Google+ or Facebook, too.

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Opinion: Guess Words is a fun game that might not be all that different from other games available for Android, but it's just as good. It's got a consistent art theme throughout, making it easy to keep on guessing throughout the 250+ levels that are included in the game and while this might not be too difficult for those clever folk out there, this is a decent option to play along with the little ones or with your friends. The puzzles get quite a lot more difficult as you keep on playing and you'll soon find yourself asking for hints. Speaking of which, I do wish that say five coins were given per quiz, but the in-app purchases aren't too expensive for even a hundred coins, so I can't complain too much.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs nice and smoothly, with very little waiting time in between levels.
  • Features (4/5) – It's yet another word game, but it does have an identity of its own and it works great.
  • Theme (4/5) – The art style is coherent and consistent from each quiz to the next, so it's nice and easy to figure out just what the images are supposed to be, giving a consistent experience as you play from level-to-level.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid game that has a lot to offer, Guess Words is fun for all ages and will help you unwind after a long day at work.


  • Works well on smartphones and tablets, allowing you to enjoy Guess Words no matter where you are.
  • No need to spend oodles of time learning complicated controls, just keep guessing!
  • Being able to ask Google+ or Facebook friends is a nice way of involving others in something you enjoy.
  • Isn't too difficult, so could be a good game to play with the kids as well.


  • Does feel a little stingy with the amount of coins it gives out per correct answer.
  • Ads can be a little annoying.

Conclusion: For a game that doesn't really have much more on offer than other similar titles, Guess Words is still a good deal of fun and I only wish that there were more coins given out per correct answer. Other than that, there's very little to complain about here and if you enjoy these sort of games then this is one more lot of puzzles that you'll really enjoy, and if you're new to these games then Guess Words is an excellent introduction.


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