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Description: Duck Hunter Revolution is, as you've probably already guessed a game for Android that brings back memories of the old 'Duck Hunter' games that were in arcades and on the NES systems back in the day. With Duck Hunter Revolution on Android you can either use the accelerometer to aim or just fire and aim with one touch using the touchscreen. Designed as a simple and fun game to be played whenever and wherever, Duck Hunter Revolution is a game that should appeal to everyone, accept maybe those that don't agree with hunting of course. Either way, it's a fun game that doesn't ask too much of its players, so let's see how it shapes up, shall we?

How it Works: As with other games for Android, the best place is to start by downloading Duck Hunter Revolution from the Play Store. Then, you'll be able to get started, or adjust some settings. The game will also ask you if you want to sign into Google Play Games.


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You can choose to either use the accelerometer on your device or just touch to shoot.

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There's not much to Duck Hunter Revolution really, all you need to do is to shoot the ducks that appear. You'll need to shoot the ducks before they fly off though in order to progress to the next level. You can see how many shots you have by how many red shotgun shells there are left to the side.

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When you get a hit, you'll see feathers flying around and your score will increase as well, the higher the level you're challenging, the more birds you'll have to hit (and quicker) in order to reach the next level.


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At the end of your run, you'll be asked whether or not you want to record your score and you can see what it is of course.

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Opinion: I got a strong sense of de ja vu while playing Duck Hunter Revolution and while that's not necessarily a bad thing, I wasn't all that excited. Still, that's not to say that Duck Hunter Revolution isn't a fun game, because it plainly is. How much fun such a title is to you however, is another thing entirely. I enjoyed the fast paced and simple action of having to shoot the birds down as quickly as possible, but I didn't think much to the accelerometer controls which were awkward and finicky at best. All-in-all, this is a game that doesn't ask all that much of its players, and those looking for something simple and gratifying will really enjoy Duck Hunter Revolution.


  • Speed (4/5) – There's nothing to complain about here, it runs well and the action can be quite challenging.
  • Features (3.5/5) – The core gameplay is fairly good here, but that's all there really is on offer from Duck Hunt and it does appear quite thin on the surface.
  • Theme (4/5) – While the animations aren't the best out there, the sounds and vibrating feedback each time you shoot help bring things back up a bit.
  • Overall (4/5) – This is a game that we've all (well, most of us) have played before and while there's nothing new here, it doesn't stop Duck Hunt being any less fun than it always was.


  • Features Google Play Games integration.
  • Two different control schemes give players a little versatility to choose from.
  • Good mobile version of Duck Hunt for those that remember the good old days of gaming.
  • Can be quite challenging at times.


  • Ads are quite distracting here.
  • Accelerometer controls are kinda awkward.

Conclusion: I'm not quite so sure that Duck Hunter Revolution lives up to its title, as this feels more like another mobile version of the great game, rather than something revolutionary. Still, it's still a decent amount of fun and if you liked the original Duck Hunt there's little reason you wouldn't like playing this mobile version. It could do with some more features and perhaps a graphical touchup here and there, but overall it's a decent free game that doesn't ask too much of its players.


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