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Description: Cube Match is an Android game that brings a collection of games that all revolve around matching cubes to the same sort of color. There are seven different game modes on offer here, and they each offer something a little different from one another. There's a Classic Mode, Puzzle Mode, Quest Mode, Chaos Mode, Action Plus Mode and a Line Up Mode all included. Cube Match is arcade fun at its best and it's sort of a mix on match-three games, with each different mode offering a fresh twist. If you're interest in puzzle and match-three games, then Cube Match might be for you. To find out, read on.

How it Works: You'll first need to download Cube Match from the Play Store. Then, you can either sign in with your Google account or just get stuck in.

The seven game modes are all neatly laid out for you to choose from, to get familiar with the game, I'm going to try out the Classic Mode.

Classic Mode essentially asks you to just match groups of blocks together until you no longer have any left. One thing I found appealing about this is that I challenged myself to save mostly one color till the end to get a big bunch of them destroyed at once.

More exciting game modes include the Action and Action Plus modes, which give you a certain period of time to destroy a certain of blocks.

There are little counters at the bottom that will tell you how many more blocks you have to destroy.

There are more game modes than the ones I've shared here, and don't forget that you can post high scores as well!


Opinion: I enjoyed the time I spent with Cube Match, it was a good deal of arcade-style fun and while there's isn't a huge amount here that would make me think this is completely different from other titles, the included 7 game modes give this some good longevity and replayability. I do wish that the menu system and backgrounds for each mode changed a little from mode-to-mode, but this isn't a dealbreaker or anything. The gameplay is solid, if not a little repetitive, but there's definitely fun to be had here and if you're craving some arcade action with a variety of different challenges, then Cube Match is a lot of fun.


  • Speed (4/5) - Cube Match Free runs nice and speedily, without any issues and the pacing is great for players of all ages.
  • Features (4/5) - With seven different game modes on offer, there's something for everyone and some more challenging modes for arcade veterans, too.
  • Theme (4/5) - While the game looks fairly good, and there's nothing that makes it look bad, I do wish that there was a little more flare and some more imagery going on in the background.
  • Overall (4/5) - A solid arcade game that doesn't rock the boat too much, Cube Match offers a lot of replayability for casual and retro gamers alike.


  • Seven different game modes add a lot of replayability and variety, too.
  • Easy to play on smartphones as well as tablets, with no need to learn silly controls.
  • Great game for puzzle friends and arcade gamers that want a taste of the old, classic days of gaming.
  • Cube Match is good for all ages and casual gamers, essentially making it a game for anyone and everyone.


  • I wish that the backgrounds would change when you go from mode-to-mode.
  • Ads are a little annoying, but you can easily pay to remove them.

Conclusion: Cube Match is a game that puzzle fans, arcade fans and casual gamers could really take to. It's a lot of fun thanks to easy pace and the different game modes have a fresh twist on the fairly easy-to-grasp mechanic of matching the same colors together. As arcade puzzlers go, there's a lot on offer here and if you're in the mood for something simple, yet enticing, then this is a great option and something well worth taking a look at. My favorite game mode was the action plus mode, and with seven of them on offer you'll have to find your own favorite.

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