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Description: Zooper Wear is a set of Android Wear watch faces that work just like Zooper widgets do, but they're all specifically designed for these small screens we wear on our wrist. The collection of faces feature app icons that appear as notifications arrive, signal meters, the date and time and more. There's a wide variety in a number of different designs here and if you're a fan of Zooper Widgets in the first place, then you'll enjoy what Zooper Wear has to offer and there's a version available not only for square and round Android Wear watches but also Sony smartwatches and more. A nice alternative to the usual watch faces, Zooper Wear aims to make the most of these screens strapped to our wrists. Let's take a look and see how it shapes up, shall we?

How it Works: Unlike other watch faces for Android Wear, Zooper Wear is a little more involved when getting it all set up. You'll need to download either Zooper Wear for Square Android Wear watches or for Round watches for starters. However, you'll also need to make sure you have Zooper Widget Pro installed as well as Wearable Widgets, so there's a fair amount of things you need to take into account here. Once you have everything lined up you'll need to go into Wearable Widgets and set up a few things, notably the "Crop widgets", "Invisible updates", "Always keep widgets running" and "Show notification on phone" settings all need to be checked.


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There are a couple more small settings you'll need apply, notably "Show Notification underlay"  needs to be unchecked and in Zooper Widget you'll need to enable "Standby updates". Then, you can go ahead and choose the Zooper Wear widgets from your list of widgets.

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Once you're there, you'll be able to see that there are quite a few different styles to choose from.

2014-10-19 18.20.37

There are six different designs and each one of them comes in a light or a dark theme, so there's a lot to choose from him.


2014-10-19 18.20.52

Once you've settled on a design you like, you can see it in action your watch.



Opinion: As someone who's been wearing a smartwatch since the Sony SmartWatch 2 arrived last year, I'm accustomed to making some adjustments to things myself however, the setup process here is pretty lengthy. This is only really the case if you don't already read use Zooper Widgets, if you do then you'll likely only need to download and install Wearable Widgets, a great app in its own right. The watch faces on arrive here are generally very nice, but they're more catered to power-users that want to get the absolute most out of their device. If you're looking for something purely aesthetic, you might be disappointed here, but on the other hand if you were looking to better make use of this touchscreen on your wrist, Zooper Wear is the collection of watch faces you've been looking for.


  • Speed (4/5) – No problems here, everything runs fine with Zooper Wear and the apps you need to use to take advantage of them.
  • Features (5/5) – With some of the best use of an Android Wear watch display out there, Zooper Wear will please Zooper Widget users as well as introduce new users to a new way of making the most of their smartwatches.
  • Theme (4/5) – Sure, these aren't the best-looking watch faces out there, but they still look good and they offer far more functionality than a lot of other alternatives.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid selection of watch faces that are available for both round and square Android Wear watches, Zooper Wear can help your smartwatch get even smarter right from the watch face.


  • Available for both round and square Android Wear watches, which is nice to see.
  • Great alternative to more fancy looking, yet less functional faces available.
  • Will sit right at home with those that already use Zooper Widgets on Android.
  • Helps you do more with your smartwatch and there are some good-looking faces on offer here.


  • Those that don't already use Zooper widgets might find the setup pretty lengthy.
  • Smoother assets that don't appear quite so jagged would be nice, but that could just be my G Watch.

Conclusion: Zooper Wear is a selection of six different watch faces and while they're not the best-looking out there, the developer is active and always looking to make changes and introduce new things. Sometimes, function over form is just what the Doctor ordered and if you're looking for a way of getting more out of your smartwatch, then Zooper Wear is a good selection that will suit you just fine. An inventive use of widgets on our wrists, Zooper Wear is the best way of making the most of these second screens on our wrists. There's a trial version available here with just one watch face design, but if you like the functionality, you can go ahead and hit one of the buttons to get either the square or round version of the full collection.

Click below for Zooper Wear for Square Android Wear watches:



Those of you with a Circular Android Wear watch just click below:


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