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Description: Sami Apps is a collection of utilities for Android that all focus on helping your little ones practice key skills outside of the classroom using your smartphone or tablet. There are three pieces to Sami Apps; Quantities, Puzzles, Flashcards and Drawing Lines. Each of the apps is designed to improve cognitive development and their hand-eye coordination in children up to 6 years old, specifically pre-schoolers. They're fairly simple applications, but with repetition and fun tasks being some of the best ways to help younger childrene learn while having fun, Sami Apps seems to have a lot going for it. Read on to find out what I thought of Sami Apps.

How it Works: To get started, you just need to download Sami Apps from the Play Store.




If you want to use this app, but your native language isn't English, then you're in luck as Sami Apps can be used throughout Europe thanks to the number of European languages included.



You can go ahead and choose one of the apps that you want to play with by touching 'Apps' and choosing the right app for you.



I started playing around with the quantities part of the app, which is essentially a way to test your little ones on how good their number skills are.


To mix things up a little, you can challenge kids to pick out quantities of different items.



On to the drawing lines part of the app, and you can see how this is a nice way of improving coordination in your little ones.



There's more to Sami Apps than the few examples I'm sharing here, and considering that this is designed to be used by children, you won't really know how it works for them until you put in front of them. For parents though, each of the apps included comes with some ideas of how it can be used, all you need to do is hit the scholar's hat in the corner to take a look.


Sadly, this requires you to pay for the rest of the app pretty much straight away. You can however, purchase just individual parts of the collection if you'd rather and out of the 9 pieces available, 6 of them are free and only 3 require you to pay for them.



Opinion: I've played with a number of these sort of apps before and if I am honest, Sami Apps doesn't seem all that technical. Instead, what Sami Apps is is a great way of getting your kids to practice key skills, to keep their mind sharp. This isn't necessarily something that will teach them new skills from the ground up, but more a way of helping them sharpen skills they learnt in school. One thing that is nice is that Sami Apps is great for young kids, that might just be starting preschool or something similar. A collection of apps to practice skills, while integrating with the cute owls, Sami Apps isn't something that's going to teach your little ones new material, but it will them have fun with what they've learned in the classroom, which is more than good enough.


  • Speed (4/5) – Sami Apps runs just fine, with no real waiting from app-to-app or anything like that.
  • Features (4/5) – Having more one than app on offer here is really quite nice, it's just a shame that the majority of things on offer here are fairly basic, but will be great for younger children.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – This is where things could be a little better, the engaging Owls will perk up little ones, but the overall aesthetic is pretty basic. Still, I'm sure kids will love it either way and considering this is designed for pre-schoolers, the basic look won't confuse them.
  • Overall (4/5) – A decent collection of small apps that will help improve your children's skills they learnt int he classroom no matter where they are, and as far as simplicity goes there's nothing too complicated to get in the way here.


  • Easy for little ones to play, with only a little supervision from adults needed, really.
  • Having the collection of number games, coordination, puzzles and flashcards all in one app is a real advantage compared to others.
  • One of the few games like these available that's suitable for quite young children and great for pre-schoolers.
  • The owls are a nice touch and seeing them throughout the collection of apps will provide kids a sense a familiarity.


  • Seems a little basic overall, but then again this is designed for pre-school children, so this isn't too bad.
  • You have to pay for the apps pretty much straightaway, but out of 9 pieces 6 of them are free.

Conclusion: All-in-all, Sami Apps is a fairly decent collection of little apps that can really help your little ones practice with their parents at home or on the road. I didn't like that you had to pay for something pretty much straight away, but then again it's either that or ads so I guess it's pick your poison here. For children aged below six years old however, this is a collection of utilities that should prove really quite handy and I'm sure that parents will appreciate the utilities here than can help little ones really practice what they need to know at home and have fun with it as well.


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