Sponsored App Review: Facetune


Description: Facetune is an Android application that allows you to tune your face for profile pictures and selfies when posting online. While this all seems a little shallow, we all love taking a good selfie and while it’s cool to say we don’t like taking pictures of ourselves, we’ve all done it and we’ve all wished that there was something more in out selfies and photos. Facetune can help you whiten your teeth, brighten your smile, widen your smooth, smooth out your skin, get rid of blotches and spots and generally help you take a photo of yourself that represents the very best version of yourself. These days, are online presence is not just about connecting and having fun with friends, but also about shows whether or not we’ve a responsible, well kept member of society. First impressions can go a long, long way to help you getting that job or helping impress someone you’ve met online.

How it Works: You’ll first need to download Facetune from the Play Store before you can start tuning things up. Once you have Facetune installed on your device, you’ll have to import a photo or take a photo, either of which is nice and easy to do.

2014-10-16 20.40.50

I found a selfie I took while testing out my new phone (honest, that was all I was doing…) and I could then start to use some of the features that Facetune has to offer.

2014-10-16 20.41.50

I chose first to crop and neaten up the overall shot, which is a pretty standard, yet no less welcome feature for an app like Facetune.

2014-10-16 20.42.16

Of course, I quickly moved on to some more advanced features, like the ability to smooth out skin, something I really appreciated, as it helped me smooth out the rings under my eyes, yet another sign that I don’t get all that much sleep.

2014-10-16 20.43.12

My eyes and skin across my nose all looks nice and bright now, like I had just slept 12 hours (as if I ever get 12 hours!) Each feature is explained to you as you open it up and there’s even a sort of video on hand if you need even more of a helping hand.

2014-10-16 20.43.32

I actually quite liked the filters here as they weren’t too out there, and being able to choose a lens effect was certainly nice, too. I chose a diana lens and a brighter filter to bring a little more light into my selfie.

2014-10-16 20.44.49

Once you’ve finished with your photo, you can choose to send it to a number of different places. I’m pretty happy with my selfie here and I can go ahead and share it on social media or just save it for use later on.

2014-10-16 20.44.55 (1)

Opinion: I’ll be honest, I don’t normally get too into this whole selfie thing, but then again I’ve always been a little different. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Facetune doesn’t go too far. Sure, there are a lot of tools on offer that you can use to make that selfie as good as it possibly good be, but there are many reasons why you’d want to do that. Sure, you want to look your best on social media, but having a good photo to represent yourself online can not only be a way to boost your confidence, but it can deliver a good first impression to would-be employers and potential partners. Everyone likes an outgoing, happy face and with Facetune you can go ahead and create that picture of yourself. Still, this isn’t something I’d use all the time, but then again I’m not in the market to take lots of selfies, for those that are Facetune will be a welcome addition to their photographic arsenal.


  • Speed (4/5) – While not blazingly fast, Facetune runs quickly and you’ll be able to touch up the areas that you want to in no time.
  • Features (5/5) – Whether or not Facetune goes too far is up to you, but there’s no arguing the developers have put thought into not only what feature they offer, but how easy they are to use, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – With a good-looking overall UI that’s easy to use, there’s not too much to complain about here. However, I would have liked to seen darker icons for the controls. Gray on gray isn’t all that easy to make out after all.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid application that joins the ranks of others like it, Facetune manages to carve a niche out for itself and those that enjoy taking selfies, or just need to make themselves look their best, Facetune is easily one of the better options available on the Play Store.


  • Lots of different features on offer, from smoothing skin to whitening teeth, there’s something for all of your needs with Facetune.
  • Good for those times you need a quality profile picture or something to include in your resume.
  • Nice way to boost your confidence and perhaps reduce any sort of shyness you have; you’d wear makeup in public, so why not online?
  • If you’re looking for love online, Facetune can certainly help you get that good first impression.


  • UI can be a little difficult to make out, the gray-on-gray controls aren’t the clearest out there.
  • Won’t be something for those that just don’t like taking selfies.

Conclusion: It’s easy to say that Facetune takes the whole selfie thing too far, but then again what would we say of the makeup industry? There are products out there for men just as there are for women that promise to improve your appearance and when looking to make a great impression, you’re likely to use these products, so where’s the difference? Facetune works well, has a lot on offer and could be just what you’ve been looking for to create the best you possible.