Sponsored App Review: BeIN Fashionist Society


Description: BeIN is an Android app that puts a social network full of others sharing and talking about the latest fashions and sharing new looks and combinations into the palm of your hand. It's designed as a way to help you gain inspiration from others as well as piece together outfits and combinations that you think might work on your smartphone or tablet. It's also a good app for keen shoppers looking for a good deal, as company and brands often put their latest up for show on BeIN and you can even get a little money off or take advantage of being the first to know about a sale. A Facebook for fashionistas, BeIN is designed to offer everything you could ever want in a fashion-focused app, so how does it shape up?

How it Works: As with other Android apps, you'll need to download BeIN from the Play Store and once you've done that, you'll need to choose which region you're from.



It's important that you choose the right sort of region here, as this will determine what sort of deals and such you'll see. Your next step is to of course create a fresh account to connect with others and share outfit ideas. You can sign-in using a number of different social networks and choosing a name and picture is nice and simple, too.



You'll want to find some cool people to follow at first, and you'll surely come across more over time.


A big part of BeIN is to create outfits and share them to your followers online. You'll need to start by adding items from the catalog from the selection of items included. These are pretty general styles, so you should be able to find something similar in your wardrobe that lines up with this sort of stuff.



Once you've added items to your collection, you can go ahead and create an outfit. I like that BeIN allows you to move items around to exactly as you want them. here's a quick creation I came up, but you can add your photos and more – have fun with it!



Another main attraction of BeIN is the ability to take a look at other people and stores, and see what they're sharing in your feed. For new users the 'Popular' portion of the app is a great place to start.


While exploring the world of BeIN, you might come across sort of interactive sales and such like this one for Halloween. These are really nice to see and not only do they offer users the chance to get a good deal on something, it also encourages engagement and that's exactly what a network like this needs to keep on going.



Opinion: BeIN is a great concept, and while it seems like there are already enough social networks out there, but these super-specific networks like BeIN are actually really pretty great. It's not easy to find people as interested in fashion as you might be and with BeIN you don't need to worry about that, as everyone is into fashion, it's the reason they're there in the first place. As far as the service goes, BeIN covers all of the bases. It's full of items to add to a virtual wardrobe and share ideas with followers and friends, and you can even use it to shop, which is nice and there's never too many ways to find new clothes for a true fashionista. While I do think the UI could do with a touchup, there's nothing really wrong with how BeIN looks and it's all pretty easy to use, too.


  • Speed (4/5) – BeIN runs nice and quickly and there are incentives to keep on coming back at certain times of the day and more.
  • Features (4/5) – A great concept, BeIN features lots of features to keep people busy and with features like creating a virtual wardrobe, finding new styles you might not have ever found otherwise and the opportunity to get in on some good deals there's more than enough on offer here.
  • Theme (4/5) – While the interface could be a little cleaner, there's nothing really wrong with how BeIN looks and it's fairly easy to use at least.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid concept, BeIN is a great social service for those that couldn't be any more interested in fashion. A great way to get inspired, meet new people and share styles, BeIN is worth taking a look at.


  • Easy to use and interact with, making this great for those that might not be that tech savvy.
  • Can offer you a way of getting new deals and having some fun with the contests throughout the network.
  • Great way to get inspiration for a look or a party that you need help with.
  • BeIN is, at its core, a great way of sharing and connecting with people that are all as in love with fashion as you are.


  • UI could do with a little touchup here and there.
  • Some sort of live chat or something similar would be nice to see to get people talking.

Conclusion: There might be a lot of social networks out there these days, but the beauty of BeIN is that it's all about people and fashions that you might be in love with and it's a great way of connecting with people that are all in love with the same sort of thing you are. Not only that, but it's a great way to find new styles and outfits and you can even buy or get access to special deals by being a VIP, too. All-in-all, this is a good app for fashionistas and it could be the best way to find your next killer look.