Shuv App Partners With Sony Music To Offer Unique Ringtone Customization Experience

October 15, 2014 - Written By Ian Jardine

Everyone loves to have a personalized ring tone. Most often the ringtones that come with your smartphone can be a little boring so it makes sense that most people want to change it up. Some people use a song from their music library as their ringtone while others might download one of the plethora of apps that are available that offer customized ringtones. But, until now, there was no way to personalize the ringtone or notification sound that someone else hears on their device when you phone or text them. This is where a recently released app called Shuv comes in. Shuv is an app developed by Pink Stone LLC and Appetizer Mobile and is a voice and messaging app that allows you to choose the song, sound, or tone that other Shuv users in your contact list will hear when you contact them.

Shuv was just released this week for both Android and iOS and claims to be the first app of its kind. The app has its own sound library featuring a wide variety of songs and tones like “Happy Birthday” and “Evil Laugh”. Users can also “Shuv” their own voice recordings to their contacts. Shuv users are not restricted to the this library, however, as the app’s developers have also announced a partnership with Sony Music Entertainment that will allow users to choose from Sony’s vast catalogue of artists and songs. According to Chris Warnack, who is the founder and CEO of Pink Stone LLC, “Shuv empowers a caller to be as creative as they want to be when setting a ringtone to accompany a call or a picture, and with the incredible content from Sony Music, the choice of ringtones is truly amazing.”

Shuv is free to download but if you want the added feature of being able to access the Sony Music tracks it will cost you $1.99. As stated earlier, this only works if the person you are contacting is also a Shuv user, so if this seems like something you and your friends would enjoy then spread the word about the app and head to Google Play or the App store for the download.