Sharpe Innovations Promises to Remove the Headache from SIM Cards with New Adapters


Ever get a new phone and have a completely different sized SIM card that needs to fit inside versus the one you already own?  Sometimes network operators are nice enough to just give you a new sized SIM, while others will charge you for the different size depending on your plan and what you need.  Then there's also the hassle of either waiting for the new SIM to ship to you or needing to run to a store to get one, and this becomes exponentially annoying if you are just using a phone temporarily, and nearly impossible if you're switching phones all the time.  So how about making your life just a little bit easier with adapters that'll cover you no matter what sized SIM card you need?

Sharpe Innovations has created a packet of thee different sized SIM card adapters that'll make your mini or micro SIM card fit in pretty much every other sized slot you'd need.  These adapters are made out of high-grade nylon polymers are are tested to withstand constant temperatures under 250 degrees Fahrenheit or 121 Celsius, which means you can safely leave these bad boys in your car or luggage and not have to worry about them warping or melting.  They've even been tested to withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for two minutes, so in case you drop your bag into a pit of fire you don't need to worry about your SIM card adapters getting damaged due to highly excessive amounts of heat.


These adapters come in a number of sizes depending on what size SIM card you currently have, and will provide different sizes depending on what you need.  A package of three adapters is a measly $4, and can be purchased through Sharpe Innovations' website below.  If you're looking to save some headache and don't feel like making your own, $4 will net you pretty much any size you could ever need, and you'll likely never have to run down to the local cell phone store just to get another SIM card again! Would you find these things useful or do you not mind heading to your local carrier shop to grab a new SIM if needed?

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